Sunday, July 26, 2009

Still Alive

I am still alive.

Life has a way of catching up to us and things become "confused" for a lack of a better word. I abandoned the blog-o-sphere without a note and apologize. I allowed my blog to become a "chore" rather than an expression of my local gaming, and because of that it became a burden.

I allowed myself to get into the rut of, I must post as people... both of them... are expecting an update. I started this blog for fun, but every now and then "duty" takes over.

I have done a lot of painting and building in my time off though.

I have 500 points painted of the following...

Sept Hermit
IG (Although this list is changing soon to incorporate two vendettas)
Tyranids (Both horde version & Genestealers R Us)
Chaos (My Son's Army)
Ultra Hermits
WAAAGH!!!! Hermit (Both speed freaks version & Foot Sloggers)

I am currently painting up a 500 point Ravenwing.

I have plans on building each of these forces out to at least 1000 points. I will try and get some pics up of my progress sometime this week.

Hermit out.