Saturday, October 24, 2009



I really have nothing else to say.

I loved the first version of this game and only quit because I went to Iraq. Now do not get me wrong there were many annoying things about the first one.

Rare Mobs...

Spawn Campers...

Once you hit 20 or so, unless you were leveling your Best Master you had to be in a group...

The concept of the Delevel still makes me cry lol

All of that though in no way takes away from my memory of this wonderful game. I loved the fact that you could do any and every "profession." On the same toon, you could be any and every class. All you had to do to change classes was go to your "mog house" and change. You would then pick up right where you left off.

I loved how they did the expansions. Unlocking the Ninja, Beast Master, Dragoon, Paladin, Summoner. Great little mini-quests. I did not make it to the next expansion, but I loved what I got to play.

Now I read on a Good Friend's Blog that there is a new version coming out next year? I am so stoked.

I was eagerly anticipating rocking the next WoW expansion, but if this pans out the way it has already done in my head... sorry WoW. I love you, but I am not "in love" with you :P

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Solo Mode Unlocked!

Before I get started allow me to make a few preliminary comments...

1. I have raided. I have numerous fond memories of Raids and if I had the "time" would love to do so again.

2. I have run instances. I have numerous fond memories of instances.

Comments over...

I want Blizzard to release a solo mode for instances. I want it to have three options... Solo, Regular, Heroic. I do not know how.. but I need this to happen.

You may have noticed that the name "hermit" appears frequently around here. I am some what of an introvert. I do have friends, but limit them kind of like Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory. When I game I am the same way. I would say that 80 - 90 percent of my time is spent doing solo tings. Farming, grinding, crafting, pvping, or leveling an alt.

I am trying to limit the impact that WoW has this time around on my family life. I do not want it to take up too much time that should be my families as a proper father and husband.

I really do not want to have to invest the time looking for a group that may or may not work out. I would rather be able to just step up and select solo mode.

The only person's time I would be on is my own.

The only person that I would have to wait on is me.

The only person that could do something stupid and get me killed is me.

Blizzard... Feel free to ninja this idea.

I would be happy if the only loot I could get would be world loot, gold, and maybe badges for gear. I would love access real loot but not sure that would be fair to those who love the groups.

At least this way a "hermit" like myself could still accomplish all the quests that I would like to accomplish. I could farm recipes from old world raids / instances. I could go into the next expansion still rocking epics without having to find 9 other people on my schedule.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Best 40K Game Ever!

Last night a couple friends came over to the house for our weekly night of death and destruction. We were going to play a little doubles match...

My Son (Chaos) & I (Wolves) vs Carlos (Nids) & Nick (Blood Angels)

A couple of notes before I get started...

I have been playing 40k this time around for around a year. While there are things that I miss about 4th, 5th has been good to me. I am not gloating about my skill, far from it, but I have 1 loss under my belt in 5th. That loss came on my very first tournie game round 1, I did a lot better in 2 & 3. I have become the man to beat in my small gaming club (just 7 of us.) A lot of these guys are relatively new to the hobby and they really are not sure what the other armies can do just yet. I on the other hand, have played every army but Witch Hunters, Daemon Hunters, and Chaos Demons. I chalk it up to more experience than skill for my wins thus far.

No, I am not really starting a wolf army to jump on the bandwagon. As my blog has shown I own a sampling army of everything but Witch Hunters, Daemon Hunters, Chaos Demons, and Dark Eldar. I just enjoying collecting... or rather maybe it is a sickness?

Back to the story at hand...

The game was great. We rolled up Seize Ground Spearhead. I lost the roll for our team and we were told to deploy first. My son and I deployed in mass, both rocking a more or less all assault army. I may write up a battle report later... I really need to start doing this...

Long story short.

Hermit & Son got the first charge and it was nasty... 10 Thunderwolves, Khorne Lord, 6 Beserkers. Call this wave 1.

Dante & Stealers got the second charge and it was nasty... Dante, Honor Guard, Assault Squad, and Genestealers. Call this wave 2.

Hermit & Son got 3rd and final charge and it was nasty... Nurgle Lord, 8 Plague Marines, Defiler, Wolf Lord, Wolf Priest, 12 Blood Claws, 6 Beserkers. Call this wave 3.

There was some shooting... But the game was all about that spot on the field covered in bodies.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


This is a WoW update... for a 40k update tune in later :)

I started a Death Knight yesterday. I love the concept and wish that all classes could get revamped to take this kind of experience into account. It really was cool.

It took me about an hour to find some addons that I was okay with and get the UI just right. Perhaps when I get everything perfect I will list my addons here just in case anyone is interested.

Blizzard has this new thing where you can change realms. That is old news...

Now you can change gender, change faction, and change realms. That is news to me and something I think I will be taking advantage of. I have 4 70 level characters. I have 2 on the Alliance side and 2 on the Horde side. The few people that I still know and keep up with are Alliance side on the Skywall server so I will migrating that way. I will be moving my Horde Lock to a Human Lock and my Tauren Druid will become a NE Druid.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Poor Pathetic Soul

There was a time when I was an Alt-Aholic. I played and invested a large amount of time into a game equally as addictive as 40K. Last May I quit... cold turkey.

I have been "sober" since then. That was over a year ago.

I returned to my previous love of Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K. My addictive qualities were equally apparent and I now own a sampling of almost every army in 40k and 4 in Fantasy. That is not going away...

About 2 months ago I started having over heat issues on my well worn ibook G4. That little fellow served me well through the Army and overseas in Iraq. It died. My blog soon followed as my last post was in August.

I just bought a new family computer, still saving for my new one...

As I type this entry I am installing WoW...

I am not quitting 40k.

I am not quitting my blog.

This blog shall be henceforth reflect my efforts to play "CASUALLY" in WoW (insert laughter here) and 40k while still enjoying the love and affection of my family, food, sleep, work, and that ball of fire known as the sun...



I have created a schedule... Yes... I am not lying... What kind of geek creates a gaming hobby schedule... Well... Did you miss all of that above text? You know the black writing in English?

Wish me luck....

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Escalation League

Some friends and I have been getting together and playing a lot of games lately in my "Dungeon" / Garage. We have been gaming on Monday nights and Saturday afternoons. It has been going well and we have a good group. We have been toying with the idea of putting something together and we finally broke down and did.

Here are our rules...


Week 1 5 Sep 500 Annihilation Pitched
Week 2 12 Sep 550 Annihilation Spear Head
Week 3 19 Sep 600 Annihilation Dawn of War
Week 4 26 Sep 650 C&C Pitched
Week 5 3 Oct 700 C&C Spear Head
Week 6 10 Oct 750 C&C Dawn of War
Week 7 17 Oct 800 Seize Ground Pitched
Week 8 24 Oct 850 Seize Ground Pitched
Week 9 31 Oct 900 Seize Ground Pitched
Week 10 7 Nov 950 Random Random
Week 11 14 Nov 1000 Random Random
Week 12 21 Nov 1250 Random Random

• 1 Troop Selection is required.
• No Model with more than 2 wounds allowed.
• No Save or 2+
• No Model with an AV of 34+ (Add up all the sides)
• Anything else in your codex may be fielded up to 2 HQ, 3 Elite, 6 Troop, 3 Fast, and/or 3 Heavy.
• If you lose you roll once on the “terrain” chart.
• If you draw/tie you roll once on the “terrain” chart.
• If you win you roll twice, and get to pick which roll to keep, on the “terrain” chart.
• You may trade 2 “terrain” for another roll.
• No more than 2 “terrain” gained per week allowed.

1. How? Really… How did you roll this on 2 dice?
2. Elite – An Extra Elite. This Elite may have a save of 2+
3. Save – You may field a single “unit” with a 2+ Save
4. HQ – An Extra HQ. This HQ unit may have more than 2 wounds, and a save of 2+
5. Heavy – An Extra Heavy. This Heavy may have any AV.
6. More Points – You may field an extra 50 Points.
7. Troop – An Extra Troop.
8. Fast – An Extra Fast Attack.
9. Veterans – You may add +1 to any of the following stats for a single “unit”. WS, BS, S, T, I, LD, A.
10. AV – You may field a Vehicle with any AV.
11. Wounds – You may field a single “unit” with more than 2 wounds
12. CHOICE – You may choose any one “terrain.”

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Still Alive

I am still alive.

Life has a way of catching up to us and things become "confused" for a lack of a better word. I abandoned the blog-o-sphere without a note and apologize. I allowed my blog to become a "chore" rather than an expression of my local gaming, and because of that it became a burden.

I allowed myself to get into the rut of, I must post as people... both of them... are expecting an update. I started this blog for fun, but every now and then "duty" takes over.

I have done a lot of painting and building in my time off though.

I have 500 points painted of the following...

Sept Hermit
IG (Although this list is changing soon to incorporate two vendettas)
Tyranids (Both horde version & Genestealers R Us)
Chaos (My Son's Army)
Ultra Hermits
WAAAGH!!!! Hermit (Both speed freaks version & Foot Sloggers)

I am currently painting up a 500 point Ravenwing.

I have plans on building each of these forces out to at least 1000 points. I will try and get some pics up of my progress sometime this week.

Hermit out.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Storage on the Cheap

Plano 3600 Series

I am sure by now that most of you have struggled with the storage issue. I am sure that I am not alone here.

Per my last post... see below... These are a great storage solution.

The plastic boxes have customizable inserts that gives you some flexability in what it holds. The way that I have them gives me 36 "chambers" that can fit two space marines easy. So far I have been able to fit the following in with ease:

* Terminator (SB & PF)
* Terminator (SB & PW)
* Black Reach Captain
* Genestealer
* Two Space Marines
* Black Reach Space Marine Sergeant
* Two Guants
* Two Necron Warriors
* Khorne Beserker
* Chaos Lord (Terminator Armor & Lightning Claws)

As you can see they are pretty versatile and not that bad price wise either. Amazon lists them at $6.58 at the time I write this, but I found my batch at a Bass Pro Shop for around $4.50.

Spread the Wealth

In between my various trips lately I have been undergoing a mission...

What is that mission?

Ah, allow me to explain...

I have a new goal in the 40K world that stems from showing my hobby off to the various people that I meet. In an effort to support that goal I have decided to slowly collect 500 points of all existing plastic armies.

This accomplishes two things at once for me.

1. It allows me to be able to paint a large variety of things so that I do not get burnt out on any given force... read millions of orcs...

2. It allows me to playtest my other armies against a large variety of models.

3. It allows me to showcase for any who care to see what ever army they may be interested in.

As of right now I have the following :

* Ultramarines
* Saim-Hann
* Tyranids
* Orcs
* Necrons
* Chaos Marines (Khorne & Nurgle)

This week I will be picking up the Tau or the Imperial Guard Box. I am going for Tau first, but it will be an "impulse" buy... so if they are out, then the Guard are next. I figure I should be able to keep this going for a while, and still collect my "real" army. Space Wolves and Dark Eldar should be next in the works.

The really good thing, in my opinion at least, is that they are all painted so far. I finished up my Saim-Hermit this weekend, and quickly painted up 20 Necrons and a plastic Lord this weekend.

Who knows, I may branch out and have a couple of different 500 point builds later or slowly take them up to 1000 points... only time will tell.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

All Apologies

Does anyone else hear Kurt in the background...

Sorry for the lack of updates, been hectic around here as of late. This post will be a minor update for my loyal readers... I owe both of you lunch or something...

I now have enough to field 500 points of Saim-Hermit. I broke down and bought some red spray paint and some Testor's Window Tint stuff. I have the vYper (odd spelling thanks to Sherpa... I saw him do it and thought it looked cool... NINJA!) and 4 jetbikes painted up. I have 1 "Farseer" painted red and tinted, along with 8 more jetbikes.

I have the Farseer in quotes as he will not really be my farseer bu rather one of my 5 warlocks later. I did a real simple conversion and ordered up some dire avenger bits. I really liked the exarch sword, so I ordered up 5. I also got the exarch chest piece and bare head. Not sure if the warlocks are supposed to be girls or not, but I liked the look so went with the dude.

For my Farseer I plan on Ninjaing another bloggers work and copying CJ. I thought that looked really good and will make my farseer stand out... Unless of course I ever meet up with CJ at a tournie or other event :)


You may be asking yourself... "Self... What is that testor's window tint Hermit is talking about?" Well... your self could not possibly answer that question as clearly you do not know. Unless of course you know what it is, at which point your are just messing with your self...


The Testor's Window Tint is a really neat product that a local gamer introduced me to. It is like a spray on wash. It is getting the look that I want for my jetbikes pretty quickly. At least the base coat and saves me a lot of work.

Sorry no images today... Lazy... Will post updates of Saim-Hermit soon.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Curse My Lack of Imagination...

I found this to be absolutely amazing. Check out the full thread here...

Tau - Droid Federation

Reading through the pages it looks like everything is either green stuff or modified 40k bits... Necron, Tau, and some dabbling in other kits...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Much Improvement

Last night my son and I played a game of 40k. He was tying out his Chaos Army that we are working on for him. I am building him a Plague Marine force, based off of what is nasty and what he likes. A blending of the two that fits the way he plays. I allowed him to choose what 500 point force I was going to play. My orks with new Warboss on bike, or my Saim-Hermit. He chose Saim-Hermit.

Saim-Hermit (500ish)
Farseer on bike, Doom, Shining Spear

6 Guardian Jetbikes, 2 Shuriken Cannons

6 Guardian Jetbikes, 2 Shuriken Cannons

Vyper, Starcannon, Shuriken Cannon

Nurgle Marines(900ish)
Chaos Lord, Terminator, Mark of Nurgle, Lightning claws

6 Plague Marines, 2 Meltagun, Champion, Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol

6 Plague Marines, 2 Meltagun, Champion, Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol

6 Plague Marines, 2 Meltagun, Champion, Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol


It was a fun game. It was a tie, more importantly my son is learning from previous games. When I field my orks against him he spreads out so that my Warboss and company can not pile into everything at once. When I play Eldar he plays close so that I can not easily pick him off.

I managed to kill the Defiler and a couple of Plague Marines.

He took my Farseer and Vyper.

He killed more points that I, but not enough for a victory. He was close though and made sure that I knew it.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Forgeworld Warboss on Bike Painted

As I have said before... I am not the best painter in the world. I am quick though...

Here for your viewing pleasure is my version of the Forgeworld Warboss on Bike. I love this model. The funny thing... I really have no intentions on fielding him. For the occasional Apoc game he will come out to play, otherwise he will just look dead sexy beside the stompa on my shelf.

Well... So now you know why I have posted so little this week... :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Show & Tell

I did not make it to the B-More Gamesday, I was busy hard at work in Miami... However, a buddy of mine made it. He waited in that long Forgeworld line around lunch for about 2 hours. He managed to grab the a bunch of Salamander stuff, and for me... He picked up a DeffRolla and the Warboss Biker.

The Warboss Biker is just sexy. The Deffrolla will require some modification on my part to get it to work. The way it is designed it does not "fit" onto the battlewagon.

I will keep you updated on how it all goes...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Hermit vs Trekkie

Well... I saw the new movie today.

I will have to say this... if there is even a small trekkie located somewhere deep inside your being, then you need to see this. I thought it was a great movie. It had everything that a Trek Movie should have.

Crazy Unbelievable Fight Scenes...
Hot Chicks...
Green Chicks...
Logical vs. the Illogical...

As a matter of fact the only thing that was missing was Picard, Data, and Klingons (Namely Warf.)

Now I do not call myself a Trekkie... Although I have been called this before. In my opinion a true Trekkie knows episode numbers... I do not know episode numbers. Have I seen every episode?


Can we forget that last question? No? Well maybe not every single episode of every single series... It took me a while to get into Voyager. There... See... I am not a Trekkie.

I have always been that Geek that goes to the movies opening day/night, or the Conventions and makes fun of the guys that show up dressed up...

Did I want to dress like a Klingon?

I do not think that question is any of your business... And the answer is yes.

The point is I did not.

Back to the topic at hand. I found this movie amazing. I plan on taking my wife to see it when I get back home. I have her excited about it finally. She wanted to see the previous 3 but I ruined them with my grumbling... I complained about the last 3 horribly both before and after. Well... I had high hopes for Locutus... but other than Picard the rest of the movie sucked :(

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hermit Hybrid

I am sure most of you have seen the Kingon ads by now. I think they are great. I want the stupid Star Trek Glasses and as soon as I get back from this trip I am going to try and get them all at once.

I am a Hybrid Geek. I play D&D. I read comics. I love Star Wars & hate George Lucas. I love Star Trek while hating Wesley Crusher & William Riker. I have seen every episode of Babylon 5. I have Star Wars Miniatures. I read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy over again before each of the movies was released... and the Hobbit. I loved the Matrix... and wish they would come out with II & III. I have planted numerous Lawn Gnomes in my yard... both in and out of my garden. I play 40k.


I am a non-specialized geek. A Geek of all Geeks if you will.

All of this to say... I am really looking forward to this new Star Trek Movie. Now I have seen them all. I have seen most at the theater. I have seen most on opening night... I will be watching this one this Friday unless things change.

Well... nothing of value here today...

I did manage to visit Key Largo and Key West today... My job sure is tough...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Traveling Hermit

I am traveling this week so the blog may or may not get neglected :( I should be back this weekend and will return to the regular scheduled program....

In case you are wondering... I am in Miami :) I am getting paid to be in Miami. Yesterday I ate lunch on South Beach and my coworker and I got paid good money to sit around and enjoy the sights... We accomplished our mission before lunch, so the afternoon was ours.

Today... We hung out at the Dolphin Mall and ate at Texas de Brazil... Can you say gluttony? I can... Nothing makes you need some quality PT like eating there...

Tomorrow is Key West. We will be getting up real early to drive down and hopefully be done by lunch so that we can go enjoy some more beach sights...

Hard work... I know... Someone has to do it though, might as well be the Hermit :)

Below is my travel set up.


I am in Miami and I am painting models...

Shush! I am happily married and painting these little guys rather than going clubbing is what keeps it that way :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Tater Dread


One more, but this one is truly awesome... err... Orksome

Tater Dread

Check this Site Out

Chest of Colors

I just stumbled upon this... here is a sample....

Hermit-Geek to the Rescue

At my son's school this year they have this project that they are doing. It is not being limited to a science project, just anything you want to write about, then talk about, then create a display for.

My son and I have been watching this new show on Spike called Deadliest Warrior. The show places two of histories deadly warriors into a fight and lets a computer simulation determine the winner. I really could care less how accurate the show is, we enjoy the crazy fights and weapon demonstrations.

Up to this point his favorite warrior has been the gladiator. I do not know why... it just has.

Well for his project he wants the two of us to build a Colosseum cut out with some gladiators and roman soldiers and stuff. I think it will be great.

Now here is where my title comes into play... duhn duhn duhn! "Hermit-Geek to the Rescue"... See... That is called suspense... I just did that right there...

We are going to build it like we would terrain and paint it up like models. I will have to look for some gladiator types miniatures when we go to the hobby store tomorrow.

I am looking forward to this project and will post an image...

What? Bah... You will enjoy the image or else....

Thursday, April 30, 2009


When I played WoW (World of Warcraft) I had this sickness... The sickness was called
Altivitus. In short I was always creating new toons / characters to play. I wanted to be able to experience all aspects of the game. I have my primary 4 toons, but that was just not good enough.

I have discovered / realized recently that this "Contagion" is spreading. I now know that this same infection affects my 40k too. I have this insatiable need to play many different builds, with many different armies. Most of the time it is sparked simply by seeing a really cool model. Sometimes it is sparked by seeing a cool conversion such as the Dakkalith from the previous post. Whatever causes it... I have it.

I love my orks I think because they have the most diverse collection of models. If I so choose I can take any vehicle from any model and put some orky know-how to it. I will be able to field that model, and it will work. Take for instance the upcoming Valkrie release. Do I currently play IG? Nope. I want a huge Cadian force, but am trying to hold myself back.

What will I do then? Hmmmm... Sounds to me like WAAAGH! Hermit is getting a couple of fighta-bombas. Will it be the best option? Nope. Will it be used in 95% of my games... Nope. It will look crazy on my gaming shelf though for all (rather the people that come to my garage) to see.

What is the cure? I am not sure there is one. If you are still reading this... I am afraid that you have been infected... I hope that you are immune.

What I need to make the symptoms less painful would be a Mercenary / Pirate / Raider list. When I first started this hobby I played fantasy and this Army list came out called Dogs of War. I thought this was simply amazing. The ability to have a large variety of models that look different so that one such as me could try them all. I want that for 40k.

I recently bought a Vyper and painted it up to my gaming standard. I like the model, which is sitting in front of the marines on my shelves. I purchased 4 Jetbikes to go along with him to start my Eldar army. I am wondering now if I still want to follow that army through... or was it just a need to paint that really cool model up?

I want to paint some Cadians. I want to try out my own version of Ron's Marines. I want to paint some Crisis Suits, a Pirahna, and a Hammerhead. I want to paint up a squad of Grey Knights. I want I want I want...


I am going to have to develop my own Dogs of War rules for 40k even if the only place I can use it is my garage.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Have you seen this? I found this to be simply amazing.

I found it on this guys blog...


Sadly in reading through some of his posts it appears that he no longer plays 40k. However... I think a monolith converted into a battle fortress count as battlewagon just for fun sounds amazing. I think it would look dead sexy next to my Stompa.

I will not call it a looted Monolith, and I do not choose to get into a fluff debate. I will just call it "Orkspiration" and say that some Mekboy decided to build a rolling pyramid.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday - Hermit Game Nights

Monday's have become Hermit Game Nights around my house. My wife has a Bible study she goes to so the house is all mine from 6ish to 9ish... well... me and the kids.


So the guy I "converted" to miniature war gaming, Nick, has been coming over working out his Marine build. He is getting better quick, which is a good thing. He has been getting more Saturday games in than me too... So... It will not be long before my padawan confronts the master... heh

He is building up a Salamanders army and it is looking good. He is painting a lot. He has a lot of free time on his hands with a medical retirement from the Army. Really cool guy and picking up on the nuances of the game fast.

I have been running my basic Ork list and want feedback. I do not want to improve it. Nay! What I want is to make sure I have not cheesed him. I do not see my army as overkill, it is the standard 1500 that I run, just want anyone out there that comes across this to give me their thoughts.

Again... I am not trying to improve. What I am after is to make sure that I am not overpowered cheese here. We end up calling most of the games do to pending wipe. We have loads of fun, and that is what counts... I want to keep it that way.

Here is my list...

Powerklaw, Twin-Link Shoota, Attack Squig

9 Nobz
3 PK, 3 Big Choppa, 3 Choppa, 3 Bosspole, 3 Eavy Armor

4 Big Shoota, Zzap Gun, Armor Plates, Ard Case, Deff Rolla, Grot Riggers, Red Paint Job

19 Boyz & Nob
Big Shoota, Pk & Bosspole

4 Big Shoota, Zzap Gun, Armor Plates, Ard Case, Deff Rolla, Grot Riggers, Red Paint Job

11 Boyz & Nob
PK & Bosspole, Trukk, Red Paint Job

4 Deffkopta
4 Twin-Link Rokkit Launcha, Buzzsaw

4 Deffkopta
4 Twin-Link Rokkit Launcha, Buzzsaw

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Meganobz Conversion

Ok. So... this is my first real attempt at conversion work. I have done minor things. Nothing major or significant.

I took one of the black reach terminators and went to orky town on him. I kept the whole terminator in there... buried under ork bits. I chopped off both hands and added proper orky ones.

I filed down the head into a "neck", added some green stuff to build up the armor around the head then added a nob head. I like the burna looking head. I added an armor plate up top to fill in the space.

I gave him a nice "skark" looking spike on top. I used some "gobs" for the boots. and some shoulder armor to take some of the marine look away from the arms. I added the burna backpack to his back and put on a nice armored ork loin cloth.


Those guys behind the conversion...

Do not mind them, they are just a few of his friends.

Currently they are a nice "GRAY TIDE" one day they will grow up, get painted and be a proper GREEN TIDE.

Sorry for the lousy photos. I suck at photography and it is hit or miss with me. I am still trying new things in the game room with the lighting too...

In that last image... that is not too much shadow, it is just sunset on planet hermit...

Friday, April 24, 2009

By Popular Demand

Ok... so everybody asked me...

"Hermit, how did you build the Proxidar so quickly? How did you get so much detail? We could use some guidance... tips even."

Well... My loyal readers... both of you... Here is my Tutorial...


A list of materials...
Plastic Bag

Step 1
Get your bowl, spoon, cereal and Milk. Eat. Repeat this step until cereal is gone.

Step 2
Cut up the cereal box.

Step 3
Gather your bases, pen, marker, scissors....

Step 4
Get your list...
Step 5
Take a base, your pen, and some cardboard. Place the base on the cardboard and trace.

Step 6
For those tricky models get yourself an image and draw it out.

Step 7
Now that your models are traced, you need to cut. Get your scissors and star cutting.

Step 8
Now most of you would recycle what is left. Some of you may discard it. These are both wrong. What you need to do is save all this extra stuff. In the modeling world we call this stuff "sprue" and bits. You need to put all this extra stuff in a bit box to use for conversions later...

Step 9
You may be asking yourself... "Self... but the Hammerhead has a turret?" You would of course be mentally imbalance and should seek help... You should at least be polite and answer yourself though. Tell your other personality or whatever you crazies call it that we have that covered. Get your scissors, pen, and cardboard...

Step 10
They make these little "button" things that are silver and brass. I did not have any. What I did have was an old folder. I cut the hinged tab things out. I punched a hole in the "turret" and the hammerhead. Push the hinged tab thing (yes that is the technical term) into the holes and you have a functional turret.

Step 11
Time to label. Get out your marker...

Step 12
Squads Hermit Squads! I hear you. CALM DOWN! Now... get out your crayons so that you can make proper squad markings...

Step 13
Now this is a big topic on the interweb... How best to transport your models? I have heard the talk about Battlefoam. I have seen and used Sabol Army Transport. I have seen and used the GW cases. I have even used Plano and other plastic boxes... All rubbish. Overpriced and not nearly cool enough. There is a secret company out there that makes great transport containers. Perfect. It will hold all of your models and fit in a backpack....

I hope that this tutorial has been informative. I know some may say "Hermit you suck." Well that is your choice. This is a free country.

I know some may complain that this is a hobby and paper models are just crap. Well... perhaps. I think unpainted models are crap too...

When all is said and done, this is a game folks. I play for fun. I am not rich. When my son and I, and my "trainees" want to game and try out new armies I am not going to go out and blow my mortgage on the newest army. This is cheap, and works just fine for having fun.