Sunday, October 11, 2009


This is a WoW update... for a 40k update tune in later :)

I started a Death Knight yesterday. I love the concept and wish that all classes could get revamped to take this kind of experience into account. It really was cool.

It took me about an hour to find some addons that I was okay with and get the UI just right. Perhaps when I get everything perfect I will list my addons here just in case anyone is interested.

Blizzard has this new thing where you can change realms. That is old news...

Now you can change gender, change faction, and change realms. That is news to me and something I think I will be taking advantage of. I have 4 70 level characters. I have 2 on the Alliance side and 2 on the Horde side. The few people that I still know and keep up with are Alliance side on the Skywall server so I will migrating that way. I will be moving my Horde Lock to a Human Lock and my Tauren Druid will become a NE Druid.
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