Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First 2000 Points

I am done. I can finally allow myself to play a game of 40k with someone other than my son at The Hobbit rather than in our Garage/Gameroom. This will be my first "real" game of 5th edition. I have been out of the hobby for quite some time. I have not played regularly in about 6 years. I am not looking for much "success" early on as most of the local gamers have marine drop pod armies from "Primer Mountain" or "Plastic Grey" Legions. However, I am going to try and get my first game in this Saturday. I did not build this list for any real reason other than I really liked the Deffkopta and wanted to field all 15...

Warboss, PK, Twin-Link Shoota, Attack Squig, Eavy Armor

10 Nobz, all with Eavy Armor, 3 PK, 1 Burna/Shoota (Just because I saw the new kit and had too... )

Battlewagon, 4 Big Shoota, 1 Zzap Gun, Various upgrades...

19 Slugga Boyz, 2 Big Shoota, 1 Nob with PK

Battlewagon, same as above

5 Deffkopta, 2 Buzzsaw, Twin-Link Rokkit

5 Deffkopta, 2 Buzzsaw, Twin-Link Rokkit

5 Deffkopta, 2 Buzzsaw, Twin-Link Rokkit

4 Lootas with Mekboy (Just because I bought the models and they are painted... They are kind of growing on me... )

That brings me to 2000 points. Not the best designed list in the world, but it shall evolve as I buy and (more importantly to me) paint up some more models. I currently have 5 more lootas on my paint table along with 4 more nobz. I need more boyz so I can go all "Green Tide"...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wazdakka's Angels

I like to write up crazy lists. I am thinking now that I have my 2 Battlewagons, 15 Deffkoptas and 2k points of regular Orks, maybe I can start getting some other fun things.

Wazdakka Gutsmek (180)

10 Nob Bikers, 4 PK (550)

6 Warbikes, Nob with PK (210)
6 Warbikes, Nob with PK (210)
6 Warbikes, Nob with PK (210)
6 Warbikes, Nob with PK (210)
6 Warbikes, Nob with PK (210)
6 Warbikes, Nob with PK (210)

If I get this warboss from forgeworld ($50.70), these nob bikers ($69.38) for three, and this from Games Workshop ($35) for three.


That really adds up.

$680.08 and that still leaves me one bike short. Bah!

Maybe I will just buy 17 Nobz, 30 boyz, and scratch build some foamcore bikes :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Special Unit 2


There is a Special Unit 2 marathon on the Sci Fi Channel today. That show is so awful... so so awful... Yet somehow I still watch it...

It is kind of like fast food. I know that it is complete rubbish, yet still I find myself in the drive through during the week.

Snow Day


Snow Day!

I have to say that even as an adult this simple exclamation brings a smile to my face. I am currently sitting at home on 2 hour delay hoping the Base will close for the day. The Snow (Read Ice hazard here in the south) is still coming down at there and if history is an indicator Bragg will close a little later. Nice.

I just got back from Va Beach and my "Armada" of Deffkoptas were waiting for me. They are now assembled on my gaming table just biding time for me to get around to painting them. Now do not get me wrong, I do not really see 15 Deffkoptas as "competitive", but it will be highly entertaining...

I am debating making up some scratch built Killa Kanz now. I would like to field 9 of them and really do not want to buy 9 of them. I do not think they would be too hard. They are essentially a soda can with arms and legs. I think if I even manage to incorporate enough bits they may even count as "legal."

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"The Siren's Call"

This post is brought to you by the fine voices in my head...

Do you know what a Siren is? In a nutshell, they are fine looking things that dwell in the ocean and lead sailors to their doom. In The Odyssey the main protagonist, Odysseus has himself chained/tied to the mast of his ship so that he can hear the siren's call but not follow them to his doom. Said doom being of course being the rending asunder of his ship as he collides with rocks.

Now for me, the Siren has beckoned recently. That siren of course being, The World of Warcraft : Wrath of the Lich King. I have resisted that fell temptress, but fear my resolve is fading. Just the other night I saw, not for the first time, the Ozzy WoW commercial. That was my toon. He picked almost the same model that I did. He tempts me... Wildhermit and his unborn brother Necrohermit want to live.

I have resisted. I hope to continue to resist. I know that if I were to (incoming geek alert) fail my "will" save, then it would be only 4-5 months before I had several 80s and was bored again. I just have a desire to see the new (read same content with a new face) content. I shall remain strong...


On another note, local hobby stores are the devil. Today at lunch time I walked into my local store, The Hobbit, to pick up either 1 of 3 things. I wanted in this order...

1. Wartrukk
2. Boyz
3. Nobz

Out, out, and out. All out of stock. Blast. This money is just sitting in my pocket. Yet another siren calls. This one is not WoW... This one is named "Burning a hole in my pocket." So what do I do?

A. Make small talk, and walk out with money intact.
B. Spend 45 minutes looking at what they do have and talk myself into buying something.

Yep, you guessed it hermitfans, I bought some Lootas. I had no plans on putting them in my army, but now I do. I stood there and held many boxes. I even held a Vyper and an Eldar Jetbike in my hand (See what you caused Sherpa). The voices in my head held a congressional meeting and deemed it urgently mandatory that something must be purchased lest an unsettling trend be started whereby things are just not purchased.

I needed something to paint (blasted shipping delay on you foul deffkoptas), and so I chose lootas.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Serenity / Firefly

Well... I guess I am a dirty liar. I know I saw a commercial for it... Two of them at least. However, I can not seem to find any information about it on the Sci Fi website, wikipedia, or the internet as a whole...

Perhaps I was just delusional...

Sorry Gles

/epic fail

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Time Check!

My goal for the weekend was to build my battlewagon and 5 nobz and paint those suckers up. I just managed to finish. I was in a "rush" as those 12 deffkoptas should be here any day now. I will post pics later.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Battlewagon Progress

So here are some pics of my new toy...

Friday, January 9, 2009

"Great Merciful Crap"

Simply Amazing...

I guess I finally have to make my first Forgeworld order. I have avoided the ork warbike "issue" for a while now. Not really that into them. Until... until I saw this guy. It looks like I will be another one of those "Nobz on bikes" guys now...

15 Deffkoptas backed up by a warboss on bike, his nob buddies, and maybe some boys hanging out in trucks... Or I could just field him as Wasdakka and make my bikers into troops... sigh... there goes the wallet again...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Only 39K to go...

Just a quick nonsense post to say that somehow I broke 1000 on my Sitemeter. Now for the two of you that visit my blog... That means each of you has logged 500 visits.... Woot!

State of the Waaaaagh!

Ladies and Gents...

My meager ork horde is well on its way. Yesterday I ordered 12 more Deffkoptas from The Warstore. I also picked up a Battlewagon and a box of the new Nobz from my local store, The Hobbit. It would have been cheaper to get from The Warstore, but I like to support locally too.

My first impression of the new kit... I love it. The Battlewagon just simply rocks, or at least it does for me. My favorite bit from the sprue... This little grot in a gun mount hatch. The little guy is so cool. I am thinking about hitting ebay and looking for more of the grots in turret bits. All of the turret guns and hatches are the same size too so it is modular. You can move all the guns around to suit your orky vision. There are a few extra bits, but not that much. I need to pick up some Trukks and some bikes now just so I can mix bits.

I hope to have it all painted up in a few days and will post a pic when complete. I am not rushing or anything, just want to get it in a game.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Wallet Bellows in TERROR!

I have a sickness that occurs every so often. I tend to get obsessed with the hobbies that I enjoy. I can remember when the plastic sentinel kit came out for the Imperial Guard waaaay back when. You were able to field 3 as part of your HQ. You were able to field 3 as a single Fast Attack... So... What did I do? I bought 12 of course and worked out that I could fit all of them in a 1500 point game. Did I do it all the time? No. I did field it for fun though.

I get these ideas in my head and just want to see how it would work out. I just want to have fun with the hobby of mine, that some call a GAME. I enjoy winning, to be sure, but I enjoy the course of the game even more. I have had great times losing horribly because things happen that are just absurd.

The Wallet Bellows in TERROR!

What does this mean? Well orks have struck me as something that would be highly entertaining to play. I have 3 Deffkoptas... Why should I not have 15? Why indeed... Did you know that a man could field 180 Grots as troops, plus quite a lot more for Heavy support Krew? I know this. What would it be like to field 180 ork boyz? How about 9 Killa Kanz? I need more money or at least a wallet that does not bellow like a little girl every time I get an idea....

I have longed for an eldar force for many a years. I want lots of options for them too... The fact is I want too much... far too much. I want another Imperial Guard Army... I want my Tau back... Bah... Christmas just passed too...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Need more stuff

Goal complete!

I managed to paint the following :

20 Slugga Boyz
15 Dwarf Warriors
24 Goblin Spearman
16 Goblin Archers
2 Deffkoptas
1 Castle Terrain

My son managed to paint :

3 Chaos Knights
10 Chaos Hounds
1 Chaos Lord on Juggernaught
1 Goblin Spearman

All in all a very productive weekend. I have nothing left to paint now. I have some more terrain that I would like to put together and my son has lots more to paint. I think I will be picking up a couple of Ork Wartrukks and a Battlewagon this week. That will give me some more junk to paint.

I have to get around to taking some more photos too. I will have to create a section for my son's models as well.

On a non-related note... Serenity / Firefly is back... Now if only Farscape would return I would be truly happy...

Friday, January 2, 2009

A Proud Dad

Well based upon my last post I am making good progress for my "to do" list for my time off. I am not painting my son's Chaos models. I started painted the Chaos Lord on Juggernaught and quit. I am not painting it or any others. He is. Now my son is only 9. He has never painted before. He has only watched me paint. He has 1000 points of Chaos, fresh from Christmas. I struggled with letting him paint or even encouraging him. He never asked, he just assumed that I would do it and he would watch.

I am a proud dad for one reason. I asked him if he would like to paint his own, no matter what they looked like. He accepted the offer. I was reluctant at first because I was worried that he would "mess them up." I had to put that idea to rest. That was the wrong attitude if I was ever going to get my son really into gaming. I have to allow him to mess up. I have to allow him to fail. Most importantly, I have to encourage and guide him while he does it.

I have to admit, they are not up to my standard. Does that matter? Should it matter? No. No. No. They are his models. They are his to play. His to enjoy. His to mess up. His to paint. His to be proud of. His to change and grow with. I am proud of my son for enjoying what he does. He is much better than me when I started. Much better. When we take his models to play at our local store, The Hobbit, he can be proud too because...

1. They are painted.
2. More than likely his opponent can not say the same.
3. He did it himself