Thursday, January 8, 2009

State of the Waaaaagh!

Ladies and Gents...

My meager ork horde is well on its way. Yesterday I ordered 12 more Deffkoptas from The Warstore. I also picked up a Battlewagon and a box of the new Nobz from my local store, The Hobbit. It would have been cheaper to get from The Warstore, but I like to support locally too.

My first impression of the new kit... I love it. The Battlewagon just simply rocks, or at least it does for me. My favorite bit from the sprue... This little grot in a gun mount hatch. The little guy is so cool. I am thinking about hitting ebay and looking for more of the grots in turret bits. All of the turret guns and hatches are the same size too so it is modular. You can move all the guns around to suit your orky vision. There are a few extra bits, but not that much. I need to pick up some Trukks and some bikes now just so I can mix bits.

I hope to have it all painted up in a few days and will post a pic when complete. I am not rushing or anything, just want to get it in a game.
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