Saturday, January 3, 2009

Need more stuff

Goal complete!

I managed to paint the following :

20 Slugga Boyz
15 Dwarf Warriors
24 Goblin Spearman
16 Goblin Archers
2 Deffkoptas
1 Castle Terrain

My son managed to paint :

3 Chaos Knights
10 Chaos Hounds
1 Chaos Lord on Juggernaught
1 Goblin Spearman

All in all a very productive weekend. I have nothing left to paint now. I have some more terrain that I would like to put together and my son has lots more to paint. I think I will be picking up a couple of Ork Wartrukks and a Battlewagon this week. That will give me some more junk to paint.

I have to get around to taking some more photos too. I will have to create a section for my son's models as well.

On a non-related note... Serenity / Firefly is back... Now if only Farscape would return I would be truly happy...
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