Tuesday, May 3, 2011

eBay is the Devil and Other News

I know I know, I took two solid months off with no update. I got distracted by various things...

I recently decided that my son and I need some more "hobby cash." I took a look around the "man cave" and decided to part with a lot of the stuff that is just gathering dust on the shelves. We are going to cut all the excess 40K armies, our one extra fantasy army and see what that gets us. We may end up parting with the D&D books as well as we never play.

The two of us finally got into Warmachine/Hordes. He selected Trollbloods (bah... that was the army I wanted) and I picked Circle. I have painted and based up my starter box and will post some pictures as soon as I get my camera to play nice. I took some last night and it decided to blur up on me...

The local hobby shop does not support Warmachine/Hordes but we rarely visit anyway so no big loss. We will just play in the garage and infect those around us into joining.... (insert evil laugh here...)

Now, on to the title...

So I mentioned we have been going through our stuff deciding what to sell and what to keep...

As a test we put up all the ultramarines as one lump painted lot and it made it to $80. I am content with that. Nowhere near retail, but at this point the models were valued at $0 in the garage gathering dust. I was hoping for at least $50 and they passed.

Here is the issue I have with eBay... Three days now... No word from the buyer. No money... What is the deal? This douche bid and won in the last 90 seconds... I was watching it.

Oh well... what can you do...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

General Hermit

A big thanks to David over at his blog for finally teaching me how to take photos. I think my header image looks outstanding.

Today I have my incomplete Imperial Guard Army.

My 1 Leman Russ

My 1 Painted Sentinel (1 more unpainted... but close)

I have two Vendettas that I still need to finish the base on.


The model that I think is the best miniature photo I have ever taken. Looking at this guy might make you even think I am a decent painter.... Maybe...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Photo Cube Review

It will tear your soul apart...

Wait... Nevermind that is the wrong cube...

Here is the cube fully packed.

Here is the cube unpacked and expanded with the white backdrop in place.

Here are three of the four color backdrops.

Here is the light packed and unpacked.

Here is the camera stand packed and unpacked.

Packs up really nice.
Multiple backdrops.
Simple and easy to use.

Lights get hot.
Feels like I still need more light...

I know my camera sucks... I have said that plenty lately, but I still feel that my lighting may be off. I plan on buying a painting light and will get that to shine in the top to see if that improves my lighting. I am new to this whole thing so it may be plenty.

All in all I am pleased with my purchase and if I had to score it, I would give it a 4 out of 5.

On a different note... Check this out...

Some amazing orks

Nice looking guard

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sept Hermit - Hindsight

I need the mutant power of hindsight. What do I mean by this? Allow me to explain...

I want to be able to look at something as if I have known it for weeks, months, or even years... Yea... That would work.

Today, I have for your "viewing pleasure" (pffft... yea right) my Sept Hermit. Several years ago I saw a golden demon winner do his Tau with a similar color scheme and I though it was very unique and looked cool. This... what you see here... is my version...

My 1 Completed Crisis Suit... Yea... He needs a plasma rifle, but I love the look of the burst cannon...

My 3 Stealth Suits

My 1 completed Devilfish... Less the drones

My 1 completed Fire Warrior Squad

You may be saying... "Hermit, what does this have to do with mutant powers, hindsight, or professor x?"

Well... I will tell you, if you are still reading this, then my randomness should see normal by now. I will then tell you that I am getting to it... Be patient...

Overall, I like the way the models look. I think they do look unique on a table. I have never played with anyone who has something different like them.

My problems are that up close, they do not do it for me anymore. I am a fast/lazy painter. I tend to get stuff done in a hurry. I can paint squads quick. I can paint vehicles quick. This is a blessing and a curse. I have problems slowing down. I think I even convince myself that a model looks good when in fact if does not.

I would like you to scroll back up and look at the Devilfish again. Go... I will wait....

Did you see that time? It is not "clean." The yellow is horrible. The orange is horrible. The "lines" are sloppy. How did I let this pass inspection? A conundrum I know.... Will I fix it? Who knows, I have tons of other things I would love to do...

That paint job takes a lot of work too... There are like four shades of blue there, then a tealish color. Two shades of orange... Then Yellow. I hate orange and yellow. I just do not get how people get them to come out clean. Mine looks like rubbish.

I love the Tau models. I love what my paint job should look like, and it does look good on the table. I just can not endure that orange and yellow....


I know... I need a better camera... Some of those images look like blurry crap...

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Best Site Ever

I think there is a portion of this hobby that we all "know and love" that lends itself to a certain amount of insanity. I could look back at my blogs and see how fickle I am in my decisions.

I just made a purchase...

Here is my 1500 Point IG List that I am aiming for. It will be my standard gaming list until I buy and paint some options... Like that 12 Vendetta list I posted yesterday...

4 Meltas, Melta Bomb, Chimera, Heavy Stubber

4 Meltas, Melta Bomb, Chimera, Heavy Stubber

4 Meltas, Melta Bomb, Chimera, Heavy Stubber





Leman Russ
Heavy Bolter Sponsons

Leman Russ
Heavy Bolter Sponsons

Total comes to 1500 exactly. Do I really need the melta bombs? No... but I had 15 more points to spare and I like symmetry.

I will try and stick to just this project until at least this points value is fully painted and complete.

We shall see...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Plastic Wierdboy

This is nothing new... I have had it for a while...

"Hermit, why did you post it then you nub?" You may be saying...

I got my Photo Cube today and the Wierdboy is my test. The Cube seems cool, but I think I need a new camera. The images seem blurry still... If you know why I suck, please let me know...

There he is in all his plastic glory. Not the best in the world but if you play orks he can be free...

Parts I used
-Ork Boy
-Ork Slaver
-Ork Nob (The one in the boyz box)
-Random Skullz
-Base from a Chaos Lord
-Cloak from a Chaos Warrior

He is simple really and I do not think he looks half bad. I have been debating making a second one and if I do I will make a proper tutorial.

Back to the Photo Cube...

I will do a full review later...

I want to play with it a bit first, but so far I like it.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dirty Liar

I recently made a post that I plan on updating once a month... kind of...

I have to be honest with myself... There is no way I can hold myself back from buying cool models.

The main reason I got into this hobby back in 1997 (Hermit you are old....) was because I enjoyed the models. One could not tell that from the quality of my paint job back then... but it was true none the less.

I think I just need to be a little more focused in my projects and try to pace myself better.

I have heard all the cool rumors about the new Grey Knights and I am overjoyed. I always found the models to be cool. Now they are probably going to cost a ton on the table so I can collect a small (1500 or so) force and it will be a neat little project. Just the sort of thing I need.

I have Tau I want to finish, but I will probably wait until the new codex... no matter how long it takes.

I have Necrons I want to finish, but I will probably wait until the new codex... no matter how long it takes.

Orks... Lets just face the facts here... I will never stop buying orks. I just love those guys and the crazy things that can be done. They are also a blast to play.

IG... I think this will be my current project. Did you know that my first ever fully painted army was a Catachan Army that I force myself to complete after the Catachan plastics were released? I sold that Army on Ebay shortly after joining the army. We were more or less broke... I miss those guys....

I came across this post this week and that gives me inspiration for doing something with the bases on my Vendettas. I will work on those suckers and try to do the Cadian 127th proud as I ninja (read pay homage to his brilliant idea) on my own two of nine. Kind of sounds like borg when phrased like that...

I suppose when it comes to buying new models... resistance is futile...