Friday, September 12, 2008

Back on the Road

Just a quick note so that if any of you reading this wonder...

I have two back to back trips I am heading out on so will be away from the blogging world for a while.

On another note... if you are a guildie and I missed you online, I will also more than likely not be there for a while either. I should be back in about a month or so.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I am Dumb

Last night I think I had a sign on my back that said “Please ask me for things.” I spent my entire WoW time last night hanging out in Org working on my enchanting. I burned through a lot of stored cloth last night to generate enchanting mats. After tons of linen, wool, silk, and mageweave cloth I had to create items to destroy.

Tonight I will hopefully move on to Runecloth and then onto Netherweave. I was able to go from 45 enchanting to around 260 enchanting last night, and spent roughly 300 gold in addition to the mats I had on hand and in my alt bank.

I had many interesting conversations as I sat in org crafting. I really should take screenshots so I can always remember my outstanding conversations.

Conversation 1 (Conversation all in /s)
Dude : rough stone
Me : ...
Dude : rough stone?
Me : Are you talking to me?
Dude : i need some rough stone
Me : I don’t have any

Dude drops a totem

Dude : i am a shaman see
Dude : i need rough stone
Me : I still don’t have any, sorry

Dude just hangs out for a bit as I turn cloth into bolts. He drops totems every now and then and dances some.

Dude : i need copper bars too
Dude : plz

At this point I don’t even respond… He says a few more things lingers in the area and asks others that stop for mail. I was sitting by the mailbox in the Drag by the way. Good times…

Conversation 2 (this one is at least in /t)
I am still by the mailbox… I should learn…

Smartguy : I need 2g
Me : Sorry
Smartguy : Sorry for what, just give me 2g?
Me : I am sorry, but no
Smartguy : What? You are 70 and it is only 2g
Me : You are correct on both points, it is only 2g, go get it
Smartguy : I only need it for new goggles
Smartguy : I am only level 22, you are 70, 2g is like one kill for you
Me : I said no, I am sorry, not going to happen
Smartguy : You are dumb

Ah yes. I am dumb… so sorry, Smartguy.

Now don’t get me wrong, these conversations did not ruin my evening, nor were they all the conversations I enjoyed. They made the tedious job of tailoring / enchanting that much more enjoyable. Not a lot you can do when working on that much cloth, so it helps to pass the time.

I was also able to help a guildie in finding Nat Pagle so he can learn to be a better fisherman. He had no cords so I had to guide him in using the map. It was quite an adventure, as WoW usually is.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Clone Me!

I have decided that I do not have enough time to get anywhere near all the stuff that I want to accomplish done. I need a small clone army to help me complete my tasks.

I want to get my Blood Elf Paladin, Orc Hunter, Blood Elf Mage, and Undead Rogue all to level 70. Will this happen? Maybe one day it will, no time soon though.

I picked up enchanting again last night on my Warlock. Yea... Not even going to tell you how many times I have had this prof and dropped it. Not even going to tell you why I keep switching profs over and over... I don't know. I need to get to 375 and start collecting some of the other recipes.

I still have 2 tabs in my alt bank that I need to purchase. I would also like to outfit my warlock at the very least with full 20 slot bags, so I am going to have to buy some more Primal Mooncloth as that cooldown just takes to long.

I want to have 5k gold minimum on my warlock and druid. I would also like to have a couple of thousand hanging out in my alt bank for emergencies.

I need to make time to start collecting more flowers before the pre-lk patch comes out and releases inscription. I would like to have Inscription up to level 375 by the time LK comes out.

My druid needs to finish up the SSO dailies. This is probably the easiest of my tasks that need to be completed. It also helps to facilite the gold "farming" I mentioned above.

I think as of now I have all but abandoned my poor alliance toons... Maybe one day.

Monday, September 8, 2008

New Blogger Alert

Totem Twist is a new blog out there. Stop by... say what's up... and give some WoW Blog encouragement.

A Productive Weekend

Blood Elf Paladin News...

I managed to finish up the Ghostlands this weekend. Not anywhere close to my favorite zone, but not a bad experience. I enjoyed the Tranquillien rep, even though with my AH visits I got nothing but the Tranquillien Champion's Cloak out of it. A nice little cloak for the level, I really enjoy the stamina.

I moved into the Barrens and began that experience. I decided to go ahead and do all the Barrens quests then move on to Stonetalon, so I am taking a bit of an xp hit catching up to my level.

Druid First Raid...

I took the Druid into Kara this weekend. I only tanked two or three mobs, but did not mind doing kitty dps. I picked up two epics out of the deal and managed to replace three total items from my several gear sets. We called it early as several people had to log. The early night, in combination with two relatively new tanks meant that we did not make it far. We only managed to get past Curator, while skipping Maiden. Attuneman, Moroes, Opera (R&J), and Curator all went down with ease. The only problems we had were many wipes on trash. Numerous wipes on trash. It was very comical, but I do not fault anyone, not even the new tanks.

Friday, September 5, 2008


I believe that I have Instanceaphobia. This my friends, is the irrational fear of that little glowing instance portal and what lies beyond. Merely joining in a group often times causing me to break out in hives.

I am not sure what it is. I have been in some good groups. When I am in those groups I have a blast. I have some good friends and we have some good times... when they are able to convice me to come.

I am not sure what it is.

I do not mind dying.

I do not mind spending time with friends.

I do not mind helping people out.

I do not mind getting badges or new gear.

I do not mind crushing the minions of the evil overlords of WoW.

What is it then, that makes my skin crawl? I am not sure exactly. Perhaps it is time wasted. I have a fear of wasting what little time I have in WoW waiting on others. I have a fear of not being able to complete the mission because of someone else.

What do I do to get around this? I partake of the ALT. Each night when I log for bed or to spend time with my wife before bed, with an alt I know that I have made progress.

If I have time, there are a handful of people that I would drop everthing to assist. These are the people that I have mutliple 70s for. I enjoy filling multiple rolls not for better instances, but so that I have more opportunities to help my friends, virtual or not. I shall not name those people here as I have many ingame friends that read my blog. I do not want to put someone out because they do not make my list :P

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hard Core Mode

Some of you may remember a little game called Diablo II. I remember it fondly. After beating the game you were able to play it again and again on various difficulty modes. One of these modes that always sparked my interest was Hard Core mode.

Each time I start a new toon I always envision myself to be in Hard Core mode and try to see how long I can make it before I die. My record thus far is level 16. Last night my new Blood Elf Paladin Konstahn died for the very first time.

So there I was, questing, killing, skinning, mining…

Levels 1 – 16 had no problems. I may have had one or two close calls but nothing to worry about. I moved on into Ghostlands and was killing Night Elf invaders. I cleansed the area of murlocs, spiders. I was an unstoppable machine.

Next on the chopping block… Gnolls.

I move into their area, they have recently invaded a mine. The Underlight Mine to be exact. I begin to pick and choose my targets as they have shamans with them. Casters are not a paladin’s best friend.

As I already have a 70 paladin I knew full well that I would prefer to pick my fights with casters.

If you have never been into the Underlight Mine area it is annoying at its level. There are lots of pats. The area is littered with little camps of Gnolls, usually 2 to 3 each. One of these is normally a Shaman.

My tactics for taking these guys on was simple.

Step 1 : Target non-caster mob
Step 2 : Hammer of Justice him and charge
Step 3 : Target the shaman on the way in and begin to destroy
Step 4 : Finish off the other 2 mobs

As I mentioned, my tactics were simple.

Did I mention that these mobs run too? They do.

So there I was, doing my thing…

I move into a normal camp, 2 melee mobs and the one shaman. I drop the shaman quick and pick up one of the other two. Then I get a shaman pat respawn, which is a bit of a challenge. Mana is half, health is down to half. Bubble is still good, LoH is still good.

I leave the two mobs alive and charge the fresh shaman. I trust my armor to hold off the melee mobs while I finish off the caster. Caster goes down. Health is down to 90ish now. A moment of indecision occurs. At this point… Do I pot? Do I bubble? Do I run? Do I heal? I decide to try and get the heal off so I can save the cooldowns for a more desperate situation. I figure I can take the small beating and my 90ish health will hold long enough for the heal. I get down to 40ish and the heal is close….

Another Shaman had respawned behind me and I get hit with that lightning bolt dropping me… I had no idea… /sigh

Hard Core mode FAILED!

Maybe next time.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Some Random thoughts…

Druid Wereform… where is it? I want to turn into the Panther boss from ZG.

Paladin Squires… You know you want one.

When someone in Mail or Plate is in Water… Where is the “Rust” Debuff?

When someone in Leather is in Water… Where is the “Loss of Criculation” Debuff?

If my toon has to learn how to cook eggs… Has to learn how to ride a horse twice… At what point did he “learn” to swim?

My level 15 Paladin got some Loincloth of the Eagle last night… Is it normal to feel creepy with him wearing it?

Humor is not something you can teach or learn… You either get it or you do not. I meet lots of people that just do not.

I want to proximity tag nodes. If I run up on a node and get attacked by a mob, the node should be tagged grey until I move away or some amount of time has passed. People are going to be dregs of society and will steal it otherwise.

Is it Grey or Gray… I always like grey.

Seeing other people’s screenshots reminds me I need a new computer.

I want a spider mount.

I want a solo mode for all instances.

I want a daily quest hub to grind rep for any faction.

Engineers can make repair bots and that is cool. I want a Carrier Pigeon now… allows me to access my mailbox on the go.

I want to have my toon join the Cenarion. Why do I have to be ally or horde?

If I come across a “Locked” Chest when I am out and about, are you really telling me I can’t find a way to get into it?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Taking out ZG for fun

My new guild "Run to the Door" ventured into ZG last night for some Old School Night love. It was the first time for many of our guildies and much fun was had. No tiger mount or raptor mount dropped, but we each went out with lots of bijous.

This was the first time I had ever downed Hakkar. Pre-BC, my guild could clear BWL, MC, Ony, and ZG, but I never made it to all the raids. I made it to the first night of most raids, but rarely the second or extended sessions. As a result I have seen a lot of old school instances, but completed not much.

My toon has been completely restored and so has the gbank. Blizzard rocks.

Thanks again for all the encouraging words.

A couple more pics

A found several of these little caves that I ventured into.

One of the many iguana I ran across.

Selected Pics from Cuba

A pic of me with Guy from the Food Network.