Monday, September 8, 2008

A Productive Weekend

Blood Elf Paladin News...

I managed to finish up the Ghostlands this weekend. Not anywhere close to my favorite zone, but not a bad experience. I enjoyed the Tranquillien rep, even though with my AH visits I got nothing but the Tranquillien Champion's Cloak out of it. A nice little cloak for the level, I really enjoy the stamina.

I moved into the Barrens and began that experience. I decided to go ahead and do all the Barrens quests then move on to Stonetalon, so I am taking a bit of an xp hit catching up to my level.

Druid First Raid...

I took the Druid into Kara this weekend. I only tanked two or three mobs, but did not mind doing kitty dps. I picked up two epics out of the deal and managed to replace three total items from my several gear sets. We called it early as several people had to log. The early night, in combination with two relatively new tanks meant that we did not make it far. We only managed to get past Curator, while skipping Maiden. Attuneman, Moroes, Opera (R&J), and Curator all went down with ease. The only problems we had were many wipes on trash. Numerous wipes on trash. It was very comical, but I do not fault anyone, not even the new tanks.
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