Friday, September 5, 2008


I believe that I have Instanceaphobia. This my friends, is the irrational fear of that little glowing instance portal and what lies beyond. Merely joining in a group often times causing me to break out in hives.

I am not sure what it is. I have been in some good groups. When I am in those groups I have a blast. I have some good friends and we have some good times... when they are able to convice me to come.

I am not sure what it is.

I do not mind dying.

I do not mind spending time with friends.

I do not mind helping people out.

I do not mind getting badges or new gear.

I do not mind crushing the minions of the evil overlords of WoW.

What is it then, that makes my skin crawl? I am not sure exactly. Perhaps it is time wasted. I have a fear of wasting what little time I have in WoW waiting on others. I have a fear of not being able to complete the mission because of someone else.

What do I do to get around this? I partake of the ALT. Each night when I log for bed or to spend time with my wife before bed, with an alt I know that I have made progress.

If I have time, there are a handful of people that I would drop everthing to assist. These are the people that I have mutliple 70s for. I enjoy filling multiple rolls not for better instances, but so that I have more opportunities to help my friends, virtual or not. I shall not name those people here as I have many ingame friends that read my blog. I do not want to put someone out because they do not make my list :P
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