Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Some Random thoughts…

Druid Wereform… where is it? I want to turn into the Panther boss from ZG.

Paladin Squires… You know you want one.

When someone in Mail or Plate is in Water… Where is the “Rust” Debuff?

When someone in Leather is in Water… Where is the “Loss of Criculation” Debuff?

If my toon has to learn how to cook eggs… Has to learn how to ride a horse twice… At what point did he “learn” to swim?

My level 15 Paladin got some Loincloth of the Eagle last night… Is it normal to feel creepy with him wearing it?

Humor is not something you can teach or learn… You either get it or you do not. I meet lots of people that just do not.

I want to proximity tag nodes. If I run up on a node and get attacked by a mob, the node should be tagged grey until I move away or some amount of time has passed. People are going to be dregs of society and will steal it otherwise.

Is it Grey or Gray… I always like grey.

Seeing other people’s screenshots reminds me I need a new computer.

I want a spider mount.

I want a solo mode for all instances.

I want a daily quest hub to grind rep for any faction.

Engineers can make repair bots and that is cool. I want a Carrier Pigeon now… allows me to access my mailbox on the go.

I want to have my toon join the Cenarion. Why do I have to be ally or horde?

If I come across a “Locked” Chest when I am out and about, are you really telling me I can’t find a way to get into it?
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