Saturday, October 24, 2009



I really have nothing else to say.

I loved the first version of this game and only quit because I went to Iraq. Now do not get me wrong there were many annoying things about the first one.

Rare Mobs...

Spawn Campers...

Once you hit 20 or so, unless you were leveling your Best Master you had to be in a group...

The concept of the Delevel still makes me cry lol

All of that though in no way takes away from my memory of this wonderful game. I loved the fact that you could do any and every "profession." On the same toon, you could be any and every class. All you had to do to change classes was go to your "mog house" and change. You would then pick up right where you left off.

I loved how they did the expansions. Unlocking the Ninja, Beast Master, Dragoon, Paladin, Summoner. Great little mini-quests. I did not make it to the next expansion, but I loved what I got to play.

Now I read on a Good Friend's Blog that there is a new version coming out next year? I am so stoked.

I was eagerly anticipating rocking the next WoW expansion, but if this pans out the way it has already done in my head... sorry WoW. I love you, but I am not "in love" with you :P

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Solo Mode Unlocked!

Before I get started allow me to make a few preliminary comments...

1. I have raided. I have numerous fond memories of Raids and if I had the "time" would love to do so again.

2. I have run instances. I have numerous fond memories of instances.

Comments over...

I want Blizzard to release a solo mode for instances. I want it to have three options... Solo, Regular, Heroic. I do not know how.. but I need this to happen.

You may have noticed that the name "hermit" appears frequently around here. I am some what of an introvert. I do have friends, but limit them kind of like Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory. When I game I am the same way. I would say that 80 - 90 percent of my time is spent doing solo tings. Farming, grinding, crafting, pvping, or leveling an alt.

I am trying to limit the impact that WoW has this time around on my family life. I do not want it to take up too much time that should be my families as a proper father and husband.

I really do not want to have to invest the time looking for a group that may or may not work out. I would rather be able to just step up and select solo mode.

The only person's time I would be on is my own.

The only person that I would have to wait on is me.

The only person that could do something stupid and get me killed is me.

Blizzard... Feel free to ninja this idea.

I would be happy if the only loot I could get would be world loot, gold, and maybe badges for gear. I would love access real loot but not sure that would be fair to those who love the groups.

At least this way a "hermit" like myself could still accomplish all the quests that I would like to accomplish. I could farm recipes from old world raids / instances. I could go into the next expansion still rocking epics without having to find 9 other people on my schedule.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Best 40K Game Ever!

Last night a couple friends came over to the house for our weekly night of death and destruction. We were going to play a little doubles match...

My Son (Chaos) & I (Wolves) vs Carlos (Nids) & Nick (Blood Angels)

A couple of notes before I get started...

I have been playing 40k this time around for around a year. While there are things that I miss about 4th, 5th has been good to me. I am not gloating about my skill, far from it, but I have 1 loss under my belt in 5th. That loss came on my very first tournie game round 1, I did a lot better in 2 & 3. I have become the man to beat in my small gaming club (just 7 of us.) A lot of these guys are relatively new to the hobby and they really are not sure what the other armies can do just yet. I on the other hand, have played every army but Witch Hunters, Daemon Hunters, and Chaos Demons. I chalk it up to more experience than skill for my wins thus far.

No, I am not really starting a wolf army to jump on the bandwagon. As my blog has shown I own a sampling army of everything but Witch Hunters, Daemon Hunters, Chaos Demons, and Dark Eldar. I just enjoying collecting... or rather maybe it is a sickness?

Back to the story at hand...

The game was great. We rolled up Seize Ground Spearhead. I lost the roll for our team and we were told to deploy first. My son and I deployed in mass, both rocking a more or less all assault army. I may write up a battle report later... I really need to start doing this...

Long story short.

Hermit & Son got the first charge and it was nasty... 10 Thunderwolves, Khorne Lord, 6 Beserkers. Call this wave 1.

Dante & Stealers got the second charge and it was nasty... Dante, Honor Guard, Assault Squad, and Genestealers. Call this wave 2.

Hermit & Son got 3rd and final charge and it was nasty... Nurgle Lord, 8 Plague Marines, Defiler, Wolf Lord, Wolf Priest, 12 Blood Claws, 6 Beserkers. Call this wave 3.

There was some shooting... But the game was all about that spot on the field covered in bodies.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


This is a WoW update... for a 40k update tune in later :)

I started a Death Knight yesterday. I love the concept and wish that all classes could get revamped to take this kind of experience into account. It really was cool.

It took me about an hour to find some addons that I was okay with and get the UI just right. Perhaps when I get everything perfect I will list my addons here just in case anyone is interested.

Blizzard has this new thing where you can change realms. That is old news...

Now you can change gender, change faction, and change realms. That is news to me and something I think I will be taking advantage of. I have 4 70 level characters. I have 2 on the Alliance side and 2 on the Horde side. The few people that I still know and keep up with are Alliance side on the Skywall server so I will migrating that way. I will be moving my Horde Lock to a Human Lock and my Tauren Druid will become a NE Druid.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Poor Pathetic Soul

There was a time when I was an Alt-Aholic. I played and invested a large amount of time into a game equally as addictive as 40K. Last May I quit... cold turkey.

I have been "sober" since then. That was over a year ago.

I returned to my previous love of Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K. My addictive qualities were equally apparent and I now own a sampling of almost every army in 40k and 4 in Fantasy. That is not going away...

About 2 months ago I started having over heat issues on my well worn ibook G4. That little fellow served me well through the Army and overseas in Iraq. It died. My blog soon followed as my last post was in August.

I just bought a new family computer, still saving for my new one...

As I type this entry I am installing WoW...

I am not quitting 40k.

I am not quitting my blog.

This blog shall be henceforth reflect my efforts to play "CASUALLY" in WoW (insert laughter here) and 40k while still enjoying the love and affection of my family, food, sleep, work, and that ball of fire known as the sun...



I have created a schedule... Yes... I am not lying... What kind of geek creates a gaming hobby schedule... Well... Did you miss all of that above text? You know the black writing in English?

Wish me luck....