Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Solo Mode Unlocked!

Before I get started allow me to make a few preliminary comments...

1. I have raided. I have numerous fond memories of Raids and if I had the "time" would love to do so again.

2. I have run instances. I have numerous fond memories of instances.

Comments over...

I want Blizzard to release a solo mode for instances. I want it to have three options... Solo, Regular, Heroic. I do not know how.. but I need this to happen.

You may have noticed that the name "hermit" appears frequently around here. I am some what of an introvert. I do have friends, but limit them kind of like Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory. When I game I am the same way. I would say that 80 - 90 percent of my time is spent doing solo tings. Farming, grinding, crafting, pvping, or leveling an alt.

I am trying to limit the impact that WoW has this time around on my family life. I do not want it to take up too much time that should be my families as a proper father and husband.

I really do not want to have to invest the time looking for a group that may or may not work out. I would rather be able to just step up and select solo mode.

The only person's time I would be on is my own.

The only person that I would have to wait on is me.

The only person that could do something stupid and get me killed is me.

Blizzard... Feel free to ninja this idea.

I would be happy if the only loot I could get would be world loot, gold, and maybe badges for gear. I would love access real loot but not sure that would be fair to those who love the groups.

At least this way a "hermit" like myself could still accomplish all the quests that I would like to accomplish. I could farm recipes from old world raids / instances. I could go into the next expansion still rocking epics without having to find 9 other people on my schedule.
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