Friday, January 28, 2011

Taking Inventory

This is something that I am going to try and do on at least a monthly basis...

It may help to keep me "honest" and on track about what my son and I are buying for our gaming habit and may shame me into making sure it all gets painted. The bright side is I have not bought any models in over 6 months. The down side... I have not painted in over a year... Time to catch up :)

The aftermath of the last 40k game between my son and I.

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There are also 12 more Guard that need to be painted.


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Sadly, all I did was that one test model to see if I liked how it looked. I did like it, but then rediscovered WoW and forgot the rest...


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This is the list that is going to be painful.
5 Converted meganobz in the imaged above.
10 Grots
10 Stormboyz with one Nob
5 Lootas with one Mekboy
1 Converted Painboy
9 Boyz with Big Shootas
6 Boyz with Rokkits
61 Slugga Boyz
22 Shoota Boyz

At this point in time I do not plan on buying any more models until all of that is complete. However... I have said this in the past and just look at that list.


I may take some terrain breaks and I will post here if for no other reason that I can look back in a year and chuckle.

Like a Yo-Yo

I have realized that my personality + WoW = bad combination.

I have played WoW off and on for maybe 5 years now. I started about 3 months after release and have played both horde and alliance since then. I have never really grown bored with the game. I love the game. I love leveling multiple toons. My problem is I tend to go all out with my current hobby. With a "never-ending" game such as WoW, that caused issues. I wanted to spend more and more of my time playing and less and less time with my family. I love me some WoW, but not more than my family.


What to do now?

My son and I have a rather substantial collection of 40k (perhaps you heard about the addictive personality...) My have been toying around with the idea of playing Warmachine or Hordes as well. We have played a few "proxy" games, but have yet to buy any models. I think that will be changing soon.

We are not going to quit 40k, but small games of 40k just do not feel the same. Army composition is just horrible for a small game. My definition of small here is maybe 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. Something that can be played during one evening without taking the whole evening. Our games of 40k are limited for this very reason. Our proxy games of Warmachine and Hordes at the 35 point level can fit in here nicely. We have a 4 x 8 table in our garage/playroom and lots of terrain. We could split that in half and get in multiple games during one evening.

I have been considering getting back into the modeling portion of this hobby for a while and maybe even posting some v-logs or something.

Only time will tell.

I have stated this in the the past and do not mind repeating it. This blog is as much for me so I can look back at my progress and time spent as it is for the people who stop by... Both of you....

Friday, January 7, 2011

My 2nd Favorite Zone

I would have to say that for me, Nagrand is the best zone of all time. The reason I feel this is a collection of factors that all add up to a really good zone. I have hit Nagrand on all my toons that have made it to Outlands (7 so far) and will continue to do so. It is the most refreshing area of Outland. When you get to Outlands you are faced with destruction, then more destruction, then more destruction, with a side of funky mushroom forests. I liked the quests in the area. I liked the mobs in the area. I find myself wishing there was more Nagrand… somewhere…. Someday…

With that out of the way I can now continue on to today’s topic. My second favorite zone thus far in WoW… Uldum. I know there is a lot of debate on Uldum. Some complain about too many cut scenes. Some complain about not liking Harrison Jones. Some complain about not liking the Nazi flavor. Some just complain and do not know why.

I hear all these complaints and cry RUBBISH!

I am not saying they are not entitled to their own opinion, I am just saying that I like it for those very reasons that they do not. This is ok. It is more than ok. Blizzard will never be able to please everyone, not should they try. I found Uldum refreshing. It was new. It was exciting. It was fun.

I have always liked Tanaris. I have always liked Silithus. I like how Uldum feels like a natural flow from those areas. I love Egyptian mythology. I love silly references that some people get and others do not. I do not see it as lacking in imagination, I see it as a quirky sense of humor that appeals to my geeky nature.

The crocodiles… The hyenas… The Nazis… The Tol’vir… The little sand pygmy people… Even the camels!

All in all, it will never replace Nagrand in my heart, but it is the “Nagrand” of Cataclysm.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Northrend - So Fresh and Clean...

I hit level 70 on the troll Druid. Still rocking...

This will mark the 7th time I have strolled into Borean Tundra and now...

Well, now it feels fresh again.

I have already started my cooking and fishing dailies in Dalaran. I have this sick compulsion to be a fisherman & chef on each and every toon, can not stop now.

One of the first quests I get to do is drive a warmachine around and run down some scourge. How can you not love that?

I am going a little more slowly now than I would like to go, but I kind of promised my son I would wait on him and level with him... Within reason. I told him if he goes to slow I will have no choice but to laugh maliciously and out pace him :)