Friday, January 25, 2008


Ok... so here is the thing. If you do not read Ratshag then you are just missing out on so much that "wow-life" has to offer. That guy is pure genius. Stop reading my mediocre blog and go over there right now. If you think some of the gibberish I write is amusing, go... go now. He blows me away. I want to do "guest posts" like he does, but then Team Ratshag would "hire" a lawyer and take me down :)

Seriously, that guy cracks me up.

I mean come on, go look at this.... Crazy Post!

Friday, January 18, 2008

New Warlock Gear

Ok so here is my latest thoughtimofication......

Warlocks have "affliction" gear... Warlocks have "destruction" gear.... Where is the cool Master Demonology Gear. I would settle for a "Blue" of the Summoner set. Or a "Blue" Demonologist set. Something that gives my pet a bonus. Maybe give my felguard an armor of threat boost so he has a little staying power in a "raid" or "5 man" setting. I am not saying making him over-powered, he needs no more dps, just more staying power. This set would have no real effect on pvp/BG/Arena play as he would not hit harder, just stay longer and what person kills my pet while ignoring me?

Perhaps he could gain more of my stamina, he gets a buff from my armor like a feral druid/moonkin does from his. Maybe just a flat bonus that scales with level? Who knows... anyone have any thoughts on this. I know there are locks out there that stop by here every now and then as I have seen you :P

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Still fishing...

I hit 201 last night. I am sadly losing a fishing race to some dirty tree as he was 341 when I logged off. I know I am going to lose unless he gets distracted or the winter season takes all his leaves and he is too modest to depart from his home. A man can hope, no?

I feel like I have to set myself up on a schedule. So many minutes to fish... so many minutes to farm primals for cloth every three days.... so many minutes to do dailies for gold and rep... so many minutes for random gibberish to my guildmates (have to keep them amused.) I think my guild rank should be trash talker or something.

Anyway, new link on the side there, fellow guildmate... if you stop by here, the few of you that do, pop over there and give him some encouragement :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Creative Fishing...

For some strange reason I have it stuck in my head that in WotLK fishing is going to be a "needed" skill. I just "know" that the Tuskarr are going to view fishing as a kind of rep. I do not know why... but that is just the crazy way that my mind works.

I have some thoughts on how blizzard needs to improve the awe inspiring mindnumbingly painful chore that is leveling one's fishing....

Warlocks should be able to target a single fish in a lake and Curse that sucker. I am talking about putting a SoC on one of those little fish, standing back and watching the all float up and the skill point rise. How about letting an Engineer chuck a stick of dynamite in there and seeing a smaller similar effect?

Just some thoughts...

Friday, January 11, 2008

New Content

Well my guild was supposed to go into Kara last night to get some solid tries on Shade and Illhoof. However, we lacked our paladin tank and both of our locks were a no show. That is the bad news. No progress last night.

We decided that it was about time we had some good quality wipes in ZA. So that is what we did, ports were opened, we sprinted through IF and hopped on birds to EPL. Made the run and 1 hour after the decision we were buffed and pulling. We wiped twice on trash, those bears hurt you know. And we wiped quite a few times on the boss and his minions. All and all good times were had by all.

Healing in ZA is a beast. I am used to Kara healing. I know what I have to do, when I have to do it, and how hard something will or will not hit my tanks. I also am used to two certain tanks that I am always assigned too, and I know what they can take so I can decide fol spam or timed “big heals.”

In ZA last night we had two new tanks for me. They are more or less new to the guild, but their gear was not bad. Normally we would not try something like this, but we just wanted to see it and get a feel for it. The tanks were not “used” to us and were less geared than our tanks. They also were not really working together, although that is not really a fault, as I said they are new.

We had 4 solid attempts on the Bear boss and every time his cleave was our downfall. The tanks were not working together, that comes with time, and so the cleave was only hitting one of them. The bear boss cleaves one person… the one person is dead.

Fun though. New content is always fun…

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Account Wide WoW content..

There are those of us in the WoW community that have multiple high level toons. These may be multiple 70s or maybe just lots of 40+. I myself have a lot of low level (20s) and 4 high level toons. I have two high level toons on both sides of the faction "fence". I have met people that have a lot more than me. They can probably relate to this particular issue more than I.

Rep Grind...

Having to rep grind the same rep that you recently just farmed on a different toon sucks. I think maybe blizzard some sort of compensation for multiple toons. Perhaps give us 50% rep of our "main" on all alts. I would rather have 100% rep of my "main" but 50% seems fair. How about a skill like fishing... I have 250 fishing at least on 3 different toons now.... That was painful. I am not sure why I did it, but I did...

I have heard, read, or dreamed that in WotLK that fishing may have an impact on the "walrus people" faction. I do not know if this is true, but I would rather have the skill now and not need it then get there and think... "Crap.. look at that cool stuff that I can not get now..."

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Never Ending Story

Well I finally hit 375 tailoring last night. No surprise there. I managed to talk enough spiders into coughing up their silk to get my Shadoweave set as well. I have new sexy gems and feel good. I have a ways to go to include some chants on my new threads, but I feel good. Zero chants right now and I am sitting at just over 9100 hp, 8000 mana, and just under 900 shadow damage. Spell hit is only at 53, but I really have no Kara gear, so that will come as I improve.

I should be happy. At least very least I should be content. Nope. I just changed gears and now need to farm for 8 Primal Mights and hook up with a Blacksmith for Runed Eternium Blade. After that there are some BoP tailor patterns that I would like to have. I still need lots of rep. Bah… never ending story.

Not to mention that fact that I try to stay active in two guilds on two different servers with two different factions, on multiple toons? Is this a job? Feels like it. Oh well… I must love me some Warcraft, because I do not mind and I keep pouring myself into the game. I am not an “addict” if you will, as I make it a point to give my family my share of the time. I am a good husband, and a good father, at least I try my best to be.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I recently had my Warlock pick up tailoring for the 3rd time. I am sitting at 373 right now and should be able to finish it up tonight as long as those dirty spiders drop me about 4 - 6 more of their silk. I have AH farmed recently and as soon as I hit 375 will have my Shadoweave Set.

I have noticed this about my lock though as he climbed from 60 - 70 a little under a year ago. I never found a purple yet that I said, I must have it now, no doubt, this is a vast improvement. There were quite a few times where only becuase it was purple did I equip it. Perhaps I just look at my gear in a wierd manner, but there were times when I still think the green or blue that I got rid of was better than the purple I currently wear.

I remember a day around level 66 where I had almost 14000 hp, when I rocked eagle, stamina, and sorcerer gear. I can remember a time when my lock had over 1000 spell dmg. But somehow when my lock hit 70 all that changed. Right now I am about 9100 hp, 680 spell dmg, and lots of other "bells & whistles." I know I hit harder now, and I get far less "misses", but I still feel cheated at times. I want my "paper doll" to show an improvement. I want it to show my shadow dmg, not just my spell dmg. Perhaps if my spell hit and crit % were in a larger font and bold it would make me feel better...

Maybe I am just to hard to please... :)

Friday, January 4, 2008


I apologize in advance this is a bah! what if post...

I want more guild options. For those of you that have been here before you are probably aware that I play both factions. I try and play them both on a rotational basis and for the most part my respective guilds are aware of this habit and happy with it. There are members of each guild that have even made a "gopher" toon to come look for me if they really need me, although that has rarely happened.

On alliance I am in a Kara guild. We have only been a guild maybe two - three months and we are making good progress. As of yet our only real hurdle is Moroes. When he goes down we can take it all the way to Shade. Shade will fall soon, if he did not already do so this week (Horde time). I am not sure but Moroes just does not like us lol. The best we have ever done was with 1 priest, and my healdin as the only healers. We had a feral druid that needed to combat res the priest, but we rocked.

On Horde I am in a casual guild. We have a couple of guilds that we fill in for, but for the most part we just enjoy the game at a relaxed pace. Lots of alts and lowbies.

Here is my problem. I like both styles of guild. I like the lack of pressure from horde side to always be ready to raid, or 5 man heroic. Being a healdin with decent gear gets me a lot of requests. I like the cool exp of new content and downing bosses too.

I want a way to be a member of multiple guilds at the same time. I am not sure how this would work, but I want it too none-the-less. Out of all my toons my lock is my favorite. However, he is still just shy of honored with Kara and is currently not raiding. I do not want to, and will not, leave my Horde guild, as I have a lot of friends there, but I do miss raiding with him.

Not sure what this post was other than a rant, but I have heard that a burden shared takes a load off.... so.. yea... I shared :)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Aspect of the Hare

Is that not so cool? I want her to do one for my lock, maybe my orc hunter... heck.... I want her to do one for all of my little toons. I need to find out if she has a fee and if she is willing. If you would like to check out her blog, link is on sidebar.


Ok... so here is the deal. I have been working on my healadin a lot lately. He has himself some pretty decent gear. He is just under 1300 bonus healing, about 190 mana regen, and a litte over 10k mana. Once I farm some more primal lifes I can even boost that by another almost 100 healing with two enchants. Not bad.. getting there...

Here is the thing... Totem... You heard me Totem. There is this quest in SMV that has you running around dropping this totem trying to capture spirits. Well... I kept the totem :) He has now become the running joke in the guild. He is the guild tank... He is the raid healer... He is main dps.... He is in essence a guild mascot. I start every battle with totem. Tank pulls, totem comes out, flash of light spam begins. Totem. Some guildies talk trash to him... they have completed the quest line and are now out of luck... Some guildies love him, pat him.... Some guildies have gone out of there way to get thier own "totem", no matter what it is, just something extra to bring out.

Too Long

Been a busy last couple of months for me, with family, work, and the holidays. I have not had much time on my hands for any posting, but things have calmed down now. If we can have no more interruptions then I can get back to my daily posting...

Winter Veil and the News Years events, read population.., were killing me lately. My latency was so bad at some points that when running around shat it was more like a slide show than a game. Not to mention Titan Panel has been letting me down. I think there must have been a minor "patch" recently as now my titan errors out too much to be usefull and crashes the game. I can not prove that it is in fact titan, but I know that I would turn it off after I got my titan error and it would work fine.... turn titan back on... crash... several times... uggg.....