Thursday, January 3, 2008


Ok... so here is the deal. I have been working on my healadin a lot lately. He has himself some pretty decent gear. He is just under 1300 bonus healing, about 190 mana regen, and a litte over 10k mana. Once I farm some more primal lifes I can even boost that by another almost 100 healing with two enchants. Not bad.. getting there...

Here is the thing... Totem... You heard me Totem. There is this quest in SMV that has you running around dropping this totem trying to capture spirits. Well... I kept the totem :) He has now become the running joke in the guild. He is the guild tank... He is the raid healer... He is main dps.... He is in essence a guild mascot. I start every battle with totem. Tank pulls, totem comes out, flash of light spam begins. Totem. Some guildies talk trash to him... they have completed the quest line and are now out of luck... Some guildies love him, pat him.... Some guildies have gone out of there way to get thier own "totem", no matter what it is, just something extra to bring out.
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