Thursday, January 17, 2008

Still fishing...

I hit 201 last night. I am sadly losing a fishing race to some dirty tree as he was 341 when I logged off. I know I am going to lose unless he gets distracted or the winter season takes all his leaves and he is too modest to depart from his home. A man can hope, no?

I feel like I have to set myself up on a schedule. So many minutes to fish... so many minutes to farm primals for cloth every three days.... so many minutes to do dailies for gold and rep... so many minutes for random gibberish to my guildmates (have to keep them amused.) I think my guild rank should be trash talker or something.

Anyway, new link on the side there, fellow guildmate... if you stop by here, the few of you that do, pop over there and give him some encouragement :)
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