Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I recently had my Warlock pick up tailoring for the 3rd time. I am sitting at 373 right now and should be able to finish it up tonight as long as those dirty spiders drop me about 4 - 6 more of their silk. I have AH farmed recently and as soon as I hit 375 will have my Shadoweave Set.

I have noticed this about my lock though as he climbed from 60 - 70 a little under a year ago. I never found a purple yet that I said, I must have it now, no doubt, this is a vast improvement. There were quite a few times where only becuase it was purple did I equip it. Perhaps I just look at my gear in a wierd manner, but there were times when I still think the green or blue that I got rid of was better than the purple I currently wear.

I remember a day around level 66 where I had almost 14000 hp, when I rocked eagle, stamina, and sorcerer gear. I can remember a time when my lock had over 1000 spell dmg. But somehow when my lock hit 70 all that changed. Right now I am about 9100 hp, 680 spell dmg, and lots of other "bells & whistles." I know I hit harder now, and I get far less "misses", but I still feel cheated at times. I want my "paper doll" to show an improvement. I want it to show my shadow dmg, not just my spell dmg. Perhaps if my spell hit and crit % were in a larger font and bold it would make me feel better...

Maybe I am just to hard to please... :)
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