Friday, January 4, 2008


I apologize in advance this is a bah! what if post...

I want more guild options. For those of you that have been here before you are probably aware that I play both factions. I try and play them both on a rotational basis and for the most part my respective guilds are aware of this habit and happy with it. There are members of each guild that have even made a "gopher" toon to come look for me if they really need me, although that has rarely happened.

On alliance I am in a Kara guild. We have only been a guild maybe two - three months and we are making good progress. As of yet our only real hurdle is Moroes. When he goes down we can take it all the way to Shade. Shade will fall soon, if he did not already do so this week (Horde time). I am not sure but Moroes just does not like us lol. The best we have ever done was with 1 priest, and my healdin as the only healers. We had a feral druid that needed to combat res the priest, but we rocked.

On Horde I am in a casual guild. We have a couple of guilds that we fill in for, but for the most part we just enjoy the game at a relaxed pace. Lots of alts and lowbies.

Here is my problem. I like both styles of guild. I like the lack of pressure from horde side to always be ready to raid, or 5 man heroic. Being a healdin with decent gear gets me a lot of requests. I like the cool exp of new content and downing bosses too.

I want a way to be a member of multiple guilds at the same time. I am not sure how this would work, but I want it too none-the-less. Out of all my toons my lock is my favorite. However, he is still just shy of honored with Kara and is currently not raiding. I do not want to, and will not, leave my Horde guild, as I have a lot of friends there, but I do miss raiding with him.

Not sure what this post was other than a rant, but I have heard that a burden shared takes a load off.... so.. yea... I shared :)
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