Friday, January 18, 2008

New Warlock Gear

Ok so here is my latest thoughtimofication......

Warlocks have "affliction" gear... Warlocks have "destruction" gear.... Where is the cool Master Demonology Gear. I would settle for a "Blue" of the Summoner set. Or a "Blue" Demonologist set. Something that gives my pet a bonus. Maybe give my felguard an armor of threat boost so he has a little staying power in a "raid" or "5 man" setting. I am not saying making him over-powered, he needs no more dps, just more staying power. This set would have no real effect on pvp/BG/Arena play as he would not hit harder, just stay longer and what person kills my pet while ignoring me?

Perhaps he could gain more of my stamina, he gets a buff from my armor like a feral druid/moonkin does from his. Maybe just a flat bonus that scales with level? Who knows... anyone have any thoughts on this. I know there are locks out there that stop by here every now and then as I have seen you :P
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