Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Never Ending Story

Well I finally hit 375 tailoring last night. No surprise there. I managed to talk enough spiders into coughing up their silk to get my Shadoweave set as well. I have new sexy gems and feel good. I have a ways to go to include some chants on my new threads, but I feel good. Zero chants right now and I am sitting at just over 9100 hp, 8000 mana, and just under 900 shadow damage. Spell hit is only at 53, but I really have no Kara gear, so that will come as I improve.

I should be happy. At least very least I should be content. Nope. I just changed gears and now need to farm for 8 Primal Mights and hook up with a Blacksmith for Runed Eternium Blade. After that there are some BoP tailor patterns that I would like to have. I still need lots of rep. Bah… never ending story.

Not to mention that fact that I try to stay active in two guilds on two different servers with two different factions, on multiple toons? Is this a job? Feels like it. Oh well… I must love me some Warcraft, because I do not mind and I keep pouring myself into the game. I am not an “addict” if you will, as I make it a point to give my family my share of the time. I am a good husband, and a good father, at least I try my best to be.
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