Friday, January 11, 2008

New Content

Well my guild was supposed to go into Kara last night to get some solid tries on Shade and Illhoof. However, we lacked our paladin tank and both of our locks were a no show. That is the bad news. No progress last night.

We decided that it was about time we had some good quality wipes in ZA. So that is what we did, ports were opened, we sprinted through IF and hopped on birds to EPL. Made the run and 1 hour after the decision we were buffed and pulling. We wiped twice on trash, those bears hurt you know. And we wiped quite a few times on the boss and his minions. All and all good times were had by all.

Healing in ZA is a beast. I am used to Kara healing. I know what I have to do, when I have to do it, and how hard something will or will not hit my tanks. I also am used to two certain tanks that I am always assigned too, and I know what they can take so I can decide fol spam or timed “big heals.”

In ZA last night we had two new tanks for me. They are more or less new to the guild, but their gear was not bad. Normally we would not try something like this, but we just wanted to see it and get a feel for it. The tanks were not “used” to us and were less geared than our tanks. They also were not really working together, although that is not really a fault, as I said they are new.

We had 4 solid attempts on the Bear boss and every time his cleave was our downfall. The tanks were not working together, that comes with time, and so the cleave was only hitting one of them. The bear boss cleaves one person… the one person is dead.

Fun though. New content is always fun…
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