Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Best 40K Game Ever!

Last night a couple friends came over to the house for our weekly night of death and destruction. We were going to play a little doubles match...

My Son (Chaos) & I (Wolves) vs Carlos (Nids) & Nick (Blood Angels)

A couple of notes before I get started...

I have been playing 40k this time around for around a year. While there are things that I miss about 4th, 5th has been good to me. I am not gloating about my skill, far from it, but I have 1 loss under my belt in 5th. That loss came on my very first tournie game round 1, I did a lot better in 2 & 3. I have become the man to beat in my small gaming club (just 7 of us.) A lot of these guys are relatively new to the hobby and they really are not sure what the other armies can do just yet. I on the other hand, have played every army but Witch Hunters, Daemon Hunters, and Chaos Demons. I chalk it up to more experience than skill for my wins thus far.

No, I am not really starting a wolf army to jump on the bandwagon. As my blog has shown I own a sampling army of everything but Witch Hunters, Daemon Hunters, Chaos Demons, and Dark Eldar. I just enjoying collecting... or rather maybe it is a sickness?

Back to the story at hand...

The game was great. We rolled up Seize Ground Spearhead. I lost the roll for our team and we were told to deploy first. My son and I deployed in mass, both rocking a more or less all assault army. I may write up a battle report later... I really need to start doing this...

Long story short.

Hermit & Son got the first charge and it was nasty... 10 Thunderwolves, Khorne Lord, 6 Beserkers. Call this wave 1.

Dante & Stealers got the second charge and it was nasty... Dante, Honor Guard, Assault Squad, and Genestealers. Call this wave 2.

Hermit & Son got 3rd and final charge and it was nasty... Nurgle Lord, 8 Plague Marines, Defiler, Wolf Lord, Wolf Priest, 12 Blood Claws, 6 Beserkers. Call this wave 3.

There was some shooting... But the game was all about that spot on the field covered in bodies.
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