Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I am Dumb

Last night I think I had a sign on my back that said “Please ask me for things.” I spent my entire WoW time last night hanging out in Org working on my enchanting. I burned through a lot of stored cloth last night to generate enchanting mats. After tons of linen, wool, silk, and mageweave cloth I had to create items to destroy.

Tonight I will hopefully move on to Runecloth and then onto Netherweave. I was able to go from 45 enchanting to around 260 enchanting last night, and spent roughly 300 gold in addition to the mats I had on hand and in my alt bank.

I had many interesting conversations as I sat in org crafting. I really should take screenshots so I can always remember my outstanding conversations.

Conversation 1 (Conversation all in /s)
Dude : rough stone
Me : ...
Dude : rough stone?
Me : Are you talking to me?
Dude : i need some rough stone
Me : I don’t have any

Dude drops a totem

Dude : i am a shaman see
Dude : i need rough stone
Me : I still don’t have any, sorry

Dude just hangs out for a bit as I turn cloth into bolts. He drops totems every now and then and dances some.

Dude : i need copper bars too
Dude : plz

At this point I don’t even respond… He says a few more things lingers in the area and asks others that stop for mail. I was sitting by the mailbox in the Drag by the way. Good times…

Conversation 2 (this one is at least in /t)
I am still by the mailbox… I should learn…

Smartguy : I need 2g
Me : Sorry
Smartguy : Sorry for what, just give me 2g?
Me : I am sorry, but no
Smartguy : What? You are 70 and it is only 2g
Me : You are correct on both points, it is only 2g, go get it
Smartguy : I only need it for new goggles
Smartguy : I am only level 22, you are 70, 2g is like one kill for you
Me : I said no, I am sorry, not going to happen
Smartguy : You are dumb

Ah yes. I am dumb… so sorry, Smartguy.

Now don’t get me wrong, these conversations did not ruin my evening, nor were they all the conversations I enjoyed. They made the tedious job of tailoring / enchanting that much more enjoyable. Not a lot you can do when working on that much cloth, so it helps to pass the time.

I was also able to help a guildie in finding Nat Pagle so he can learn to be a better fisherman. He had no cords so I had to guide him in using the map. It was quite an adventure, as WoW usually is.
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