Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Clone Me!

I have decided that I do not have enough time to get anywhere near all the stuff that I want to accomplish done. I need a small clone army to help me complete my tasks.

I want to get my Blood Elf Paladin, Orc Hunter, Blood Elf Mage, and Undead Rogue all to level 70. Will this happen? Maybe one day it will, no time soon though.

I picked up enchanting again last night on my Warlock. Yea... Not even going to tell you how many times I have had this prof and dropped it. Not even going to tell you why I keep switching profs over and over... I don't know. I need to get to 375 and start collecting some of the other recipes.

I still have 2 tabs in my alt bank that I need to purchase. I would also like to outfit my warlock at the very least with full 20 slot bags, so I am going to have to buy some more Primal Mooncloth as that cooldown just takes to long.

I want to have 5k gold minimum on my warlock and druid. I would also like to have a couple of thousand hanging out in my alt bank for emergencies.

I need to make time to start collecting more flowers before the pre-lk patch comes out and releases inscription. I would like to have Inscription up to level 375 by the time LK comes out.

My druid needs to finish up the SSO dailies. This is probably the easiest of my tasks that need to be completed. It also helps to facilite the gold "farming" I mentioned above.

I think as of now I have all but abandoned my poor alliance toons... Maybe one day.
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