Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day


Snow Day!

I have to say that even as an adult this simple exclamation brings a smile to my face. I am currently sitting at home on 2 hour delay hoping the Base will close for the day. The Snow (Read Ice hazard here in the south) is still coming down at there and if history is an indicator Bragg will close a little later. Nice.

I just got back from Va Beach and my "Armada" of Deffkoptas were waiting for me. They are now assembled on my gaming table just biding time for me to get around to painting them. Now do not get me wrong, I do not really see 15 Deffkoptas as "competitive", but it will be highly entertaining...

I am debating making up some scratch built Killa Kanz now. I would like to field 9 of them and really do not want to buy 9 of them. I do not think they would be too hard. They are essentially a soda can with arms and legs. I think if I even manage to incorporate enough bits they may even count as "legal."
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