Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"The Siren's Call"

This post is brought to you by the fine voices in my head...

Do you know what a Siren is? In a nutshell, they are fine looking things that dwell in the ocean and lead sailors to their doom. In The Odyssey the main protagonist, Odysseus has himself chained/tied to the mast of his ship so that he can hear the siren's call but not follow them to his doom. Said doom being of course being the rending asunder of his ship as he collides with rocks.

Now for me, the Siren has beckoned recently. That siren of course being, The World of Warcraft : Wrath of the Lich King. I have resisted that fell temptress, but fear my resolve is fading. Just the other night I saw, not for the first time, the Ozzy WoW commercial. That was my toon. He picked almost the same model that I did. He tempts me... Wildhermit and his unborn brother Necrohermit want to live.

I have resisted. I hope to continue to resist. I know that if I were to (incoming geek alert) fail my "will" save, then it would be only 4-5 months before I had several 80s and was bored again. I just have a desire to see the new (read same content with a new face) content. I shall remain strong...


On another note, local hobby stores are the devil. Today at lunch time I walked into my local store, The Hobbit, to pick up either 1 of 3 things. I wanted in this order...

1. Wartrukk
2. Boyz
3. Nobz

Out, out, and out. All out of stock. Blast. This money is just sitting in my pocket. Yet another siren calls. This one is not WoW... This one is named "Burning a hole in my pocket." So what do I do?

A. Make small talk, and walk out with money intact.
B. Spend 45 minutes looking at what they do have and talk myself into buying something.

Yep, you guessed it hermitfans, I bought some Lootas. I had no plans on putting them in my army, but now I do. I stood there and held many boxes. I even held a Vyper and an Eldar Jetbike in my hand (See what you caused Sherpa). The voices in my head held a congressional meeting and deemed it urgently mandatory that something must be purchased lest an unsettling trend be started whereby things are just not purchased.

I needed something to paint (blasted shipping delay on you foul deffkoptas), and so I chose lootas.

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