Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Wallet Bellows in TERROR!

I have a sickness that occurs every so often. I tend to get obsessed with the hobbies that I enjoy. I can remember when the plastic sentinel kit came out for the Imperial Guard waaaay back when. You were able to field 3 as part of your HQ. You were able to field 3 as a single Fast Attack... So... What did I do? I bought 12 of course and worked out that I could fit all of them in a 1500 point game. Did I do it all the time? No. I did field it for fun though.

I get these ideas in my head and just want to see how it would work out. I just want to have fun with the hobby of mine, that some call a GAME. I enjoy winning, to be sure, but I enjoy the course of the game even more. I have had great times losing horribly because things happen that are just absurd.

The Wallet Bellows in TERROR!

What does this mean? Well orks have struck me as something that would be highly entertaining to play. I have 3 Deffkoptas... Why should I not have 15? Why indeed... Did you know that a man could field 180 Grots as troops, plus quite a lot more for Heavy support Krew? I know this. What would it be like to field 180 ork boyz? How about 9 Killa Kanz? I need more money or at least a wallet that does not bellow like a little girl every time I get an idea....

I have longed for an eldar force for many a years. I want lots of options for them too... The fact is I want too much... far too much. I want another Imperial Guard Army... I want my Tau back... Bah... Christmas just passed too...
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