Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First 2000 Points

I am done. I can finally allow myself to play a game of 40k with someone other than my son at The Hobbit rather than in our Garage/Gameroom. This will be my first "real" game of 5th edition. I have been out of the hobby for quite some time. I have not played regularly in about 6 years. I am not looking for much "success" early on as most of the local gamers have marine drop pod armies from "Primer Mountain" or "Plastic Grey" Legions. However, I am going to try and get my first game in this Saturday. I did not build this list for any real reason other than I really liked the Deffkopta and wanted to field all 15...

Warboss, PK, Twin-Link Shoota, Attack Squig, Eavy Armor

10 Nobz, all with Eavy Armor, 3 PK, 1 Burna/Shoota (Just because I saw the new kit and had too... )

Battlewagon, 4 Big Shoota, 1 Zzap Gun, Various upgrades...

19 Slugga Boyz, 2 Big Shoota, 1 Nob with PK

Battlewagon, same as above

5 Deffkopta, 2 Buzzsaw, Twin-Link Rokkit

5 Deffkopta, 2 Buzzsaw, Twin-Link Rokkit

5 Deffkopta, 2 Buzzsaw, Twin-Link Rokkit

4 Lootas with Mekboy (Just because I bought the models and they are painted... They are kind of growing on me... )

That brings me to 2000 points. Not the best designed list in the world, but it shall evolve as I buy and (more importantly to me) paint up some more models. I currently have 5 more lootas on my paint table along with 4 more nobz. I need more boyz so I can go all "Green Tide"...
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