Friday, January 2, 2009

A Proud Dad

Well based upon my last post I am making good progress for my "to do" list for my time off. I am not painting my son's Chaos models. I started painted the Chaos Lord on Juggernaught and quit. I am not painting it or any others. He is. Now my son is only 9. He has never painted before. He has only watched me paint. He has 1000 points of Chaos, fresh from Christmas. I struggled with letting him paint or even encouraging him. He never asked, he just assumed that I would do it and he would watch.

I am a proud dad for one reason. I asked him if he would like to paint his own, no matter what they looked like. He accepted the offer. I was reluctant at first because I was worried that he would "mess them up." I had to put that idea to rest. That was the wrong attitude if I was ever going to get my son really into gaming. I have to allow him to mess up. I have to allow him to fail. Most importantly, I have to encourage and guide him while he does it.

I have to admit, they are not up to my standard. Does that matter? Should it matter? No. No. No. They are his models. They are his to play. His to enjoy. His to mess up. His to paint. His to be proud of. His to change and grow with. I am proud of my son for enjoying what he does. He is much better than me when I started. Much better. When we take his models to play at our local store, The Hobbit, he can be proud too because...

1. They are painted.
2. More than likely his opponent can not say the same.
3. He did it himself
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