Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Busy Bee

Today is like Friday for me... I have a nice long 5 day weekend starting at COB (Close of Business), and it feels nice. I have some goals that I intend to meet and they are as follows:

1. Finish painting my remaining 16 dwarves
2. Paint my son's Chaos Lord on Juggernaught
3. Paint my son's 10 Chaos hounds
4. Create a "stonehenge" terrain piece
5. Clean up my "birdhouse" castle and paint it up

That does not seem like an insurmountable list. I think that I can accomplish this and still get in the appropriate amount of family time, eat, sleep, and still game. I also need to think about ways to "show off" what I paint and create. Not that what I do is anything great, but that was one of the goals for redesigning my blog. I wanted to be able to show people I know what I do and maybe inspire them to join in.

I live in a military town and we have a nice local gaming store called the Hobbit. Lots of room for gaming, and never any shortage of people to play with talk to, but not much in the way of painters / modelers. Any given saturday you can walk in and see games of 40K, Fantasy, Flames of War, D&D, Warmachine/Hordes, or various board games spread out on the tables. (As a side note the Hobbit bought/rented/leased out the bingo hall next door... so plenty of room.)The down side is that when it comes to 40K or Fantasy the bulk of the gamers do not mind rocking grey plastic, black/white primer or even unfinished/unassembled models.

I do not mean to sound like a gaming snob, but I put a lot of time/effort into my models. I am no pro. I am no Golden Demon winner. I can put out a product that looks decent on the table though, and that is all that matters. If you are just starting that is cool, bring what you have and lets play. However, I have seen a lot of these guys there a lot, they did not just start. They have had the time to at least start painting. I realize that there is a large portion of the gaming community that just wants to play, and that is fine, I just want more of them to pain too...

All of this to say... Here I want to be able to show case what I have, what I have done, and what I need to do in the hopes that perhaps one of my gaming peers will be inspired or motivated to pick up a brush. It does not take much talent to put out a decent product (just look at some of my models in the links for proof.) Which brings me back to the issue at hand... I need to find a better way to display my product. I used to own my own web site and I had my images displayed. Here I just have links to my .mac. Anybody have any thoughts? I guess I will keep looking...
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