Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Fine Day

Well Christmas has come and gone and it was a good family time. My son really enjoyed his Warriors of Chaos starter army, coming in at 1037 points is not bad for a good start. I have told him that I plan on getting him a sorcerer and a shaggoth and the rest is up to him.

I got a Dremel tool for Christmas. Well, actually I got a gift card, but it turned into a Dremel quickly. I have already put it to good use and started making some more terrain. I built two 4 x 4 "tables" that I have sitting on my pool table currently. It makes a nice gaming surface. I was going to go ahead and build terrain on it but my wife talked me out of it. She wants it to double as a ping pong table, so it shall.

I guess my next project shall be creating some modular 1x1 terrain sections to go on the table. That way I can do a city fight if I want or other specialized games. I will keep it nice and green for standard Warhammer Fantasy sessions, but I have always liked the modular look too. This will give me loads of options and will only require more shelving.
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