Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Warriors of Chaos

My son does not know it yet, but is getting the Warriors of Chaos box set from me for Christmas. I let him look at all the available models and armies and that is the one he wanted to play most for Warhammer Fantasy. Normally I would not want to play Chaos or allow him to play Chaos, but I do not mind as we can just more or less avoid any of the overly "evil" elements. We are going to tackle it like a Germanic tribe. These guys are just going to be our Vikings, Goths, or Barbarians. Just some "Conan" type people trying to get by in the nasty Chaos Wastes. I think that they will be fun to paint and we will have some good games with them versus my dwarves.

I am still undecided on army I really want to play / collect so will stick with the dwarves for now. We bought the Battle for Skull Pass set and I have painted up most of the models from there. I added another box of dwarf warriors with hand weapons and shields and we shall see how the Chaos Armor does against my Dwarven Mithril. I am thinking about jumping on the Lizardmen bandwagon come February as they were one of my first ever armies. I collected them when I bought my very first Games Workshop product the Fantasy box set with Brettonia versus Lizardmen many years ago.
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