Friday, December 19, 2008

I am still Alive

Wow. Not sure where to start. Been a while since an update.... a long while. No longer playing WoW, but I miss the people. I was kind of forced into quitting. I had some travels where reliable net was just not an option. Been out of the loop so long that I missed the Lich King release and now I really do not want to go back.

For those that worried about me... Sorry to keep you hanging. I had several trips back to back and things were a bit hectic. I just started a Face Book and will link that here when I get it all sorted out. Pressure from my wife and friends caused me to fold on my "No Facebook / MySpace" stance. I can see the logic and benefit in it, just was being one of those "I remember the old internet" stubborn geeks.

You may ask what I have been up to? Life. My son and I recently picked up a game I used to play before my Army days. Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40k. I think it has been good for us to reconnect. Between the travel I was doing and my WoW addiction he kind of got left out a little. The miniatures take up a lot less of my time. I even have the Garage / Playroom tooled out for our game room. I turned our pool table into a 4 x 6 battlefield.

I will be converting this blog to my new "addiction". So if you like to still follow my ramblings feel free. If you choose to wander away for greener pastures, no harm. I apologize in advance, but I am going to clean out my blog feeder. I love you guys but would rather not be reminded of what I am missing if you follow me. I see it like a recovering alcoholic. He would be a fool to spend time in a bar... I do not want to pick up the WoW "drink" either :)
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