Monday, June 8, 2009

Storage on the Cheap

Plano 3600 Series

I am sure by now that most of you have struggled with the storage issue. I am sure that I am not alone here.

Per my last post... see below... These are a great storage solution.

The plastic boxes have customizable inserts that gives you some flexability in what it holds. The way that I have them gives me 36 "chambers" that can fit two space marines easy. So far I have been able to fit the following in with ease:

* Terminator (SB & PF)
* Terminator (SB & PW)
* Black Reach Captain
* Genestealer
* Two Space Marines
* Black Reach Space Marine Sergeant
* Two Guants
* Two Necron Warriors
* Khorne Beserker
* Chaos Lord (Terminator Armor & Lightning Claws)

As you can see they are pretty versatile and not that bad price wise either. Amazon lists them at $6.58 at the time I write this, but I found my batch at a Bass Pro Shop for around $4.50.
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