Monday, June 8, 2009

Spread the Wealth

In between my various trips lately I have been undergoing a mission...

What is that mission?

Ah, allow me to explain...

I have a new goal in the 40K world that stems from showing my hobby off to the various people that I meet. In an effort to support that goal I have decided to slowly collect 500 points of all existing plastic armies.

This accomplishes two things at once for me.

1. It allows me to be able to paint a large variety of things so that I do not get burnt out on any given force... read millions of orcs...

2. It allows me to playtest my other armies against a large variety of models.

3. It allows me to showcase for any who care to see what ever army they may be interested in.

As of right now I have the following :

* Ultramarines
* Saim-Hann
* Tyranids
* Orcs
* Necrons
* Chaos Marines (Khorne & Nurgle)

This week I will be picking up the Tau or the Imperial Guard Box. I am going for Tau first, but it will be an "impulse" buy... so if they are out, then the Guard are next. I figure I should be able to keep this going for a while, and still collect my "real" army. Space Wolves and Dark Eldar should be next in the works.

The really good thing, in my opinion at least, is that they are all painted so far. I finished up my Saim-Hermit this weekend, and quickly painted up 20 Necrons and a plastic Lord this weekend.

Who knows, I may branch out and have a couple of different 500 point builds later or slowly take them up to 1000 points... only time will tell.
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