Thursday, April 30, 2009


When I played WoW (World of Warcraft) I had this sickness... The sickness was called
Altivitus. In short I was always creating new toons / characters to play. I wanted to be able to experience all aspects of the game. I have my primary 4 toons, but that was just not good enough.

I have discovered / realized recently that this "Contagion" is spreading. I now know that this same infection affects my 40k too. I have this insatiable need to play many different builds, with many different armies. Most of the time it is sparked simply by seeing a really cool model. Sometimes it is sparked by seeing a cool conversion such as the Dakkalith from the previous post. Whatever causes it... I have it.

I love my orks I think because they have the most diverse collection of models. If I so choose I can take any vehicle from any model and put some orky know-how to it. I will be able to field that model, and it will work. Take for instance the upcoming Valkrie release. Do I currently play IG? Nope. I want a huge Cadian force, but am trying to hold myself back.

What will I do then? Hmmmm... Sounds to me like WAAAGH! Hermit is getting a couple of fighta-bombas. Will it be the best option? Nope. Will it be used in 95% of my games... Nope. It will look crazy on my gaming shelf though for all (rather the people that come to my garage) to see.

What is the cure? I am not sure there is one. If you are still reading this... I am afraid that you have been infected... I hope that you are immune.

What I need to make the symptoms less painful would be a Mercenary / Pirate / Raider list. When I first started this hobby I played fantasy and this Army list came out called Dogs of War. I thought this was simply amazing. The ability to have a large variety of models that look different so that one such as me could try them all. I want that for 40k.

I recently bought a Vyper and painted it up to my gaming standard. I like the model, which is sitting in front of the marines on my shelves. I purchased 4 Jetbikes to go along with him to start my Eldar army. I am wondering now if I still want to follow that army through... or was it just a need to paint that really cool model up?

I want to paint some Cadians. I want to try out my own version of Ron's Marines. I want to paint some Crisis Suits, a Pirahna, and a Hammerhead. I want to paint up a squad of Grey Knights. I want I want I want...


I am going to have to develop my own Dogs of War rules for 40k even if the only place I can use it is my garage.
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