Friday, April 10, 2009

Closer to the Green Tide

Last night I managed to finish up 10 more boyz. This puts me at 30 boyz total painted, 20 assembled and unpainted, and 70 unassembled waiting to be... well... everything. I am making slow buy steady progress. However... my total model count left to paint is going up???? Crazy.

A friend recently got the Black Reach set... I got all the orks. I also picked up a box of assault Marines to add to my "training" army.

I am looking forward to dropping the Green Tide Formation along with my Stompa and Deff Kopta Formation.

3 Formations = x
If Formations = Painted
Then x = Win

Wow... where did that come from....

On a less math geeky noted, I have a converted M.O.S.H. ork. I am not sure I am happy with it. I may throw a picture up anyway when he gets painted. I still have to make the "Wagon" and Tent. I may make these my objectives.
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