Friday, April 24, 2009

Give Up

Been waiting on my jetbikes from E-bay for over a week now. Got an e-mail yesterday stating that "My items have just been shipped." Nice...

I had been holding off on doing anything orky with the expectation that any day now I would be able to build and paint some jetbikes. Bah! No such luck now.

Last night after I got finished digging in my yard (Yay! Yard work) I sat down and could no longer put off the assembly of some orks. A couple months ago I purchased lots of black reach orks along with some orks to make shoota boyz. Well last night I sat myself down to assemble them. I now have 35 complete along with another 50 that are just legs and torsos...


Quite the discouraging task.

Image ninjaed from Despair Inc
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