Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hobbit RTT - Round 2

Ok... Here is how round number 2 went down.

I was up against some Eldar. Prior to the battle my Warboss from the previous game had a pep talk with the Nobz. In so many words he told them not to leave him behind this time, stick together, and chop some things. If things were chopped and less Nobz were shot... Maybe said Warboss could have a ride home.

As you can see from the photos it was really not going well for my opponent. I am sorry but I am lousy at names... I think his name was John... That is what I shall go with....

John was new to fighting orks and was really shocked when on turn two I charged both Wraithlords and both Wave Serpents. I crushed all 4. The Fire Dragons and Guardians piled out the back and were stuck. I just moved my Deff Koptas around in a haphazard way... flying to and fro wrecklessly as orks are prone to do...

Things went down hill from there for John. I felt bad as he was a really great guy. Unless I am playing a complete prick I hate to crush anyone. I love a close game, and love to win... just not like this was going. If you know John, tell him I said he is welcome to a rematch anytime.

He really had lousy rolls. Missing when he really needed to not miss. He managed to take down one of my Warbosses with massed Dire Avenger fire from two squads.

Between this game and and the previous I had ONE perfect game... 1 out of 20 from the first game (I killed a command platoon) and 19 out of 20 on this one.
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