Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hermit Games Day

So... Saturday is here...

Table set up... Check

Models ready... Check

Lists ready... Check

Dice and Templates ready... Check

Pizza and drinks ready... Check

Camera ready... Check

Well, not so much. The camera was there. The camera was ready. I just was not ready. I forgot to take photos. Bah!

No worry, it was a good game on Saturday. All went according to plan. Many questions were asked, and all involved had loads of fun. I decided to let my son invite a friend over and he played pokemon and wii all day. I figured the two new guys would get more out of it one on one.

Marines won by the way... Both guys now want to play Marines.

Today after church there was a baby shower. I am not going... On my way out the door, Nick (the guy who just started playing 40k) asks what I have going on. I say nothing. He says... want to play 40k again? It is on... This time... photos!

Following is how the game went down. I upped the points to 1k each, per Nick's request. He wanted to field some of the guys he already painted...

Newflash incoming... He just started playing. Has had the box since Wednesday... Already has 9 Marines painted up and his Dread... shame shame on all those with no models painted :P

My son asks to play and wants to field his Nids. No Problem. 1k Nids vs. 1k Marines vs. 1k Orks (WAAAGH! Hermit) I break the board up into three chunks and I take the "odd" spot.

Nick wins the roll and wants to go last. Cool. My son is next and wants to go first. Done. I am in the middle. My son begins moving his force. No shooting, just moving. I go second. I leave my lootas on their hill shoot at the gaunts and hit nothing. The rest of my force moves towards the marines getting ready for round 2. The marines move closer to my orks and my son's nids. Note... I allowed him to make "tactical errors" hoping he could learn more from mistakes. I pointed them out at the end of each turn. he managed to kill 1 ork with minimal shooting. He killed some genestealers on the opposite flank.

Turn 1 End

My son runs some more and engages the two Dreadnoughts with his Broodlord and Genestealers. He takes the arm off one and stuns the other. This combat goes on for most of the game. I fire at the guants with my lootas and take some down. I charge the first Marine squad and the captain with 2 squads of Orks and both squads of Deff Koptas. The Warboss and Nobz just run having horrible difficult terrain rolls. The Marine squad is slaughtered the Captain fails his leadership and falls back. He falls back and the orks give chase assaulting the Marine squad right behind. The Deff Koptas "hit and run" moving back. In the next Marine turn the terminators shoot at the koptas, one goes down and another has a wound. In the assault phase the captain and remaining squad are wiped out. On the other flank the Dreads kill a few more genestealers, and get stunned again. The other squad of Marines fires at some guants.

Turn 2 End

My son moves his guants towards my lootas and the rest of his army moves closer. The genestealers and broodlord still locked in combat. I call the WAAAGH! this turn and send my Warboss, 10 Nobz, and both boy squads at 5 lonely Terminators. The poor guys never knew what hit them. The last marine squad kills a few more guants and another genestealer... one lost an arm and the other is now immobile.

Turn 3 End

The guants close in on my lootas and between them and the zoanthrope there is one loota left... who passes a leadership test. I am evil and remove the close models so my son cannot assault (Such a great father...) The Carnifex joins the fight with the Dreads and has his way with them. Guants charge into the last Marine squad just to hold them so the Carnifex and Broodlord can say hey next turn. Orks run... Deff Koptas zip across the board to support the lonely loota.

Turn 4 End

My son for some reason tries to shoot my last loota to death rather than charge... and fails. His carnifex and Broodlord make short work of the last of the Marines. My 2 ork deff kopta squad charges what is left of the guants and kills them. My orks charge his Carnifex, and gaunts. Nothing remains when they are done.

Turn 5 End

Last turn of the game I tell my son... "Charge or get charged?" He charges his warriors, Broodlord, and remaining two genestealers at my orks. He kills 6 total, then gets killed. On the other side he charges his zoanthrope at my deffkoptas... Nothing happens... I miss he misses. My turn. I charge my Warboss, Nobz, and last boy squad into one Zoanthrope, then my remaining Deff kopta into the other. Only orks left on the field.

Turn 6 End
No Pics... To quote my son "Nobody wants to see more picks of stinky orks anyway..." I have to agree lol
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