Friday, April 17, 2009


I have watched too many of Fritz's videos as of late... Between him and my good blogging buddy Sherpa I just had to start my own.

At this past Hobbit RTT that I attended I really love my deffkoptas. That got me thinking... Why not do a whole army like that? hmmm...

Ravenwing? Nope

Dark Eldar? Nope (really close though)

Eldar? Nop... Yep!

Better yet... I shall run Saim-Hermit along side of WAAAGH! Hermit, and to a lesser extent my UltraHermits. I have a trend going... must keep with it.

Below you shall see how I put my meager painting skills to the eldar. I have 4 bikes on the way and just need some fantasy elf bits to convert up a seer council and start playing to do Fritz proud.

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