Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gateway Drug

This past Sunday after church my family (Wife & 3 kids) went out to Ryan's (a buffet style restaurant) with another couple (Nick & Lisa) with a little girl (Riley). Over the course of the meal video games came up. During that discussion Dawn of War II came up.

Now as Nick and I are waxing poetic over Dawn of War II he asks if I have ever played the first one. I scoff at the idea and say of course. I played the first one. I then go on to drop that I have been playing "Dawn of War" since around 1997. He looks a little confused and says he thought the game was a lot newer than that.

I then begin to try and explain 40k...

He makes a lot of comparisons to DoW throughout my oration asking how this works... or that works...

To make a long story, a little bit shorter... Last night before I go to church (Wed is youth night and I and the teacher) I get a text asking...

"Would you be willing to trade your marines for my orks?"

Stunned! That describes how I was...

Nick had gone out earlier that day and picked up Black Reach, the Marine Codex, some paints, and a few other things. Amazing. What started as a great video game conversation about DoW progressed into a "sales pitch" for my hobby from me and now I can welcome a friend to the addiction that I now endure.

This Saturday around noon will be his first game. I have Nick and a kid from church who also wants to learn how to play coming over to my house to play in the garage / gaming room. I think I will have them do a small game about 750 points as I have 3 (4 if you count proxy) armies that could be used.

I have around 1000 points worth of Space Marines... 3 Tac squads with flamer, Missile Launcher, and Vet. 1 Dreadnought with Multi-Melta. 5 Terminators. The captain from Black Reach.

I have around 1000 points worth of Tyranids... 2 Squads of 20 Termaguants with fleshborers. 6 Genestealers. Broodlord with 6 Genestealers. 3 Warriors (Venom Cannon, Devourer). 2 Biovores & 2 Old School Zoanthroapes. 1 Carnifex with scything talons.

I have lots of star wars miniatures (stormtroopers and clone troopers yay!)that proxy as guardsman just fine. Plenty of Jedi that become officers. They even have special weapons and I have oversized models (read sentinels). I can do 2000 points easy with my pretend guard.

I have orks... of course I have orks....

All in all it looks like I will have a good Saturday. I will try to remember to take pics.
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