Monday, April 13, 2009

Hobbit RTT = Great Fun

This past Saturday was my first ever 5th Edition RTT and my first set of real 5th edition games. I have a blast! It was loads of fun and I met a bunch of great local players. Now that I have got the first out of the way and my Army is properly painted I can start playing more often somewhere other than my garage.

List Here

My first game I was up against a Steel Legion army. It was fully painted, and Eric (the guard player) knew how to play it well. My orks smashed any guard unit they touched which just left them open to getting turned to paste by all that fire coming my way. I was tabled really, with only 1 Warboss surviving due to his cowardice. Loads of fun, and even with the nasty loss, still a great game.

My second game was against an Eldar player. I am not sure he ever played against orks as he was a little shocked by how quickly I hit him. Turn two did not go so well for him as I dropped both of his Wraithlords and two Wave serpents. It went down hill from there. Another good game, but... be honest, I would rather have my guys wiped off the board than to return the favor.

My 3rd game was against a 1k sons Army. He had a "lash" sorcerer / demon prince combo. Both had some insta-kill thing working along with re-rolling hits / wounds so my mob really didn't do anything against him. I killed his troops with my deffkoptas, and then shot his sorcerer and demon prince with my battlewagons and koptas. We tied for almost all of the "objectives" I only won by victory points.

I would say that the Chaos army list was my least favorite to play, even though it was the best game. It just seemed like every turn, shooting phase, assault there was something new. Orks just seem so much simpler. This turn they will hit you with their axe... I even own the Chaos codex... but I guess it might help to actually read it lol

I have lots of photos to show off and will post them up soon.
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