Friday, March 20, 2009


Orkspiration of course being Orky inspiration...

I have yet to include any mad docs in my army. When I build my forces, not just orks, if I do not like the models or what the "fluff" is like then I just ignore them. In the past I have done this with Commisars, Ratlings, Ogryn, and more recently the Mad Doc. I just do not care for the model. I understand the fluff, but just do not like them.


It came to me as an epiphany...

Mobil Ork Surgikal Hutt

Now this is something I can get behind. I have a purpose for it. I could even create an objective for it. I could conver a Trukk with some plasticard on the back and body parts sticking out. Paint some Red Crosses on it and... well... you get the picture.

I think I can even come up with a simple Nob Conversion that will make me happy and be obvious as to what it is supposed to be. I will use the Burna cloth mask, from the loota sprue I think, and create my own back pole. I will put a red cross on the pole and of course M.O.S.H. Add some "doktor" what-nots... and presto... One Ork Field Surgeon.

My biggest problem is time. I can come up with the cash to buy what I need. I have the ideas to create what I need. I have not enough time to complete a 1/4 of what I come up with.... /sigh

I need one of those life pause buttons... I could click it complete all current projects... Then move on...
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