Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Brief History...

If you are reading this here, then you are probably already aware that I have this odd "sickness" or compulsion, wherein I must paint any model prior to its fielding. I am not sure why this is, but it is.

I can remember my first fully painted 40k Army. When the current Catachan plastics were released along with the plastic Sentinel I went crazy. I refused to play with any of them until I made myself paint them. Up until this point I really had no probelm.

I had a half painted Black Templar Army. This was before they even had a rule set. I played them as Vanilla Marines with Black and White Armor. At this time I thought that was going to be an easy color scheme to pull off. Much "globbed" white later I changed colors. I think I have the ability, meager as it is, to do a much better job now if I ever go back to them.

I had a partail painted Tyranid Army. Super easy paint scheme. I was following an Aliens movie concept and going bluish black with bleached bone and scorpion green highlights. Despite the ease of colors all those guants just wore me down. I now have more or less the same scheme on my sons complete Nids, imagine that.

I saw these new "soldiers." I was in the Army... They were in the "Army." I was around cool armor... They had cool armor. I really could not resist. I thought they were the coolest looking plastics ever. I fell in love with the Sentinel and still love that model today.

I bought a few boxes and started painting. I learned how to paint eyes and faces in general while doing those Catachans. I really had no choice. I am no expert, but I can paint a mean "table top worthy" face now. I went typical Army colors. Camo. I developed my own Camo Scheme and applied it over a light brown shirt and dark green pants. I wanted to mimic my uniform as close as possible. At the time the Army used the BDU and I picked colors and a pattern that I thought looked close.

I even painted my 12 Sentinels and 4 Tanks to match. I loved them. I still do. To this day they are the only Army I regret selling. I was a poor married SPC in the Army with a young son and we needed the money. I did what I had to do and do not regret the choice, just the fact that I gave them up. I miss those fellas.

That being said...

The pending re-release of the guard has me all worked up. I do not think I will do Catachans this time. I want to do Cadians. I will do a similar paint scheme but do not think I will be repeating the intricate camo scheme. Just a nice clean look.

The only chore...

I am still painting my horde of Orks, and do not think I will ever call them complete....

I have a feeling that the Cadians may fall into the same boat.

I guess the positive side here is that when I grow weary of painting hordes of orks and red vehicles with crazy mad max styling, I can take a break and paint ordered legions of soldiers and "Dress right Dress" vehicles. HOOOOAAAAAH!?
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