Tuesday, March 31, 2009


As I look around my painting / gaming room / garage I notice that over the last two weeks I have made very little progress.... I realize why that is. I have had a pokedistraction.

My son and I are having a race with the new pokemon game, Platinum. We are racing to see who can get all 8 badges and beat the elite 4 first. Right now I am a little in the lead, but I keep slowing down so he can catch up. I do not want to make it obvious, but want it to be close. Not to say I am better than him at it, just more "dedicated". He gets side tract quite often while playing.

For those of you who do not know, it is a really good rpg under all that cute pokemon. I have suffered through the scorn and ridicule of my peers for a long time as I have played all the little pokegames.

I was able to teach my son how to drybrush this weekend. He has two spawn he is using for his chaos army but was not sure how to paint them up. We talked about it as he was concerned that he would mess it up. He has had a hard time lately with not painting "as good as me" as he calls it.

I took him on a tour of many of the blogs that I frequent to let him see plenty of people that are far more talented than me. I wanted to show him that as long as you do a good job and are happy with your work, then that is all that counts. As we get better we can always go back and redo or replace some of our original work.

My son got pretty good at drybrushing and enjoys it. It is a simple but effective technique. I just wish now that there was a "drybrush" army for 40k (skaven) that he could be happy with.

I will post some pics of his progress as soon as I get finished with my pokedistraction.
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