Monday, March 9, 2009


No... Not as in the demons or daemons from the warp... I mean as in lack of order, or disarray. That is what can best describe my gaming area / painting area / playroom / garage. My 4 x 8 table is covered with "stuff." Half finished projects that need to be completed.

I have a Stompa now. He is built. He has been primed black. The red undercoat has begun... Yes. He is a he. All orks are "hes", so therefore, the walking stomping idol of gork/mork must be as well :)

In no particular order here is a list of "incompletes"

5 Lootas
10 Nobz with Various weapons
10 Shoota Boyz
10 Slugga Boyz
60 Boyz (not assembled yet... just arrived today from E-Bay)
2 Big Shoota Boyz
2 Rokkit Launcha Boyz
2 Random Ammo Grots
A Games Workshop Wood
Some "Fish" Terrain...

A note on the "Fish" terrain. I picked up some random sale junk from my local pet shop this weekend. I was in there buying my girls hamsters some things and did a "sale check." I plan on putting this together... eventually.

Must finish some stuff... Need more hours in the day... Or at least one of those cool life pause buttons.
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