Friday, May 1, 2009

Hermit-Geek to the Rescue

At my son's school this year they have this project that they are doing. It is not being limited to a science project, just anything you want to write about, then talk about, then create a display for.

My son and I have been watching this new show on Spike called Deadliest Warrior. The show places two of histories deadly warriors into a fight and lets a computer simulation determine the winner. I really could care less how accurate the show is, we enjoy the crazy fights and weapon demonstrations.

Up to this point his favorite warrior has been the gladiator. I do not know why... it just has.

Well for his project he wants the two of us to build a Colosseum cut out with some gladiators and roman soldiers and stuff. I think it will be great.

Now here is where my title comes into play... duhn duhn duhn! "Hermit-Geek to the Rescue"... See... That is called suspense... I just did that right there...

We are going to build it like we would terrain and paint it up like models. I will have to look for some gladiator types miniatures when we go to the hobby store tomorrow.

I am looking forward to this project and will post an image...

What? Bah... You will enjoy the image or else....
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