Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hermit Hybrid

I am sure most of you have seen the Kingon ads by now. I think they are great. I want the stupid Star Trek Glasses and as soon as I get back from this trip I am going to try and get them all at once.

I am a Hybrid Geek. I play D&D. I read comics. I love Star Wars & hate George Lucas. I love Star Trek while hating Wesley Crusher & William Riker. I have seen every episode of Babylon 5. I have Star Wars Miniatures. I read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy over again before each of the movies was released... and the Hobbit. I loved the Matrix... and wish they would come out with II & III. I have planted numerous Lawn Gnomes in my yard... both in and out of my garden. I play 40k.


I am a non-specialized geek. A Geek of all Geeks if you will.

All of this to say... I am really looking forward to this new Star Trek Movie. Now I have seen them all. I have seen most at the theater. I have seen most on opening night... I will be watching this one this Friday unless things change.

Well... nothing of value here today...

I did manage to visit Key Largo and Key West today... My job sure is tough...
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